Acer Predator Magma Battle XXL Gaming Mousepad

MX76043 Predator Magma Battle XXL Gaming Mousepad
MX76043 Predator Magma Battle XXL Gaming Mousepad

Product Info

Ultimate Control for True In-Game Accuracy

Crafted to meet the standards of professional gamers, the Predator Gaming Mousepad was built to surprise you in all the right ways. Sized for even the most hardcore player, every element of the pad was developed to give the best gaming experience possible.

  • Superior control: Low friction micro-textured surface ensures fast, pixel precise tracking
  • Optimized for speed and control
  • Oil, water, and heat resistance
  • Non-slip rubber base ensures secure placement w/ heat-bound edging


Responsive Precision

The dangerously comfortable, highly textured surface grants you the power to smite as you see fit.

Non-Slip Rubber and Silicone Base

Give no ground. Try as you may, the pad refuses to budge with its 3mm non-slip natural rubber backing.

Undeniable Comfort

Micro-textured finish made from a near friction-less surface compels consistent mouse movement.

Heat-Bound Edging

You'll live a fray-less existence thanks to the rubber base with heat-bound edging.

Just the Right Size

Sometimes, a big swipe is necessary to nail that shot. At 300x255mm, you have all the space you need.

Resistance isn't Futile

Oil, water and heat resistances keep your mousepad safe from the horrors of spills at temps under 180°C.


Product Type Gaming Mouse Pad
Part Number NP.MSP11.00C
Colour Black, Magma Battle
Material Jersey fabric, Natural rubber
Surface Micro-textured finish; Oil, water, heat resistance
Base Non-slip natural rubber, Silicone
Glide Smooth
Compatibility Laser, Optical, Ball
Dimensions Approx. 36.61" x 17.72" x 0.12" (930 x 450 x 3 mm)
Weight Approx. 907g (2 lbs.)

Package Contents

  • Acer Predator Magma Battle (PMP832) XXL Gaming Mouse Pad
  • User Information