Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard CAL Suite w/ 1x Dev CAL

MX75607 Windows Server 2019 Standard CAL Suite w/ 1x Dev CAL
MX75607 Windows Server 2019 Standard CAL Suite w/ 1x Dev CAL

Product Info

1 Dev CAL for Windows Server 2019

This software license allows 1 Concurrent Device to access an existing copy of Windows Server 2019, not included - available separately.

Client Access License Overview

A Microsoft server Client Access License (CAL) is a license that gives devices the legal right to access Microsoft server software installed on a server.

When you buy and install Windows Server 2019, you receive a server license permitting installation of the operating system on one computer. A server license by itself does not provide the legal right for others to connect to that computer, whether they work for the company or not. Instead, each device needs a Client Access License (CAL).

You will need a CAL for each employee, or each employee device, that accesses the Windows Server installation, but not for anonymous users who access it over the Internet. Server CALs are cost effective and affordable, allowing customers to pay only for the licensing they need with the option of buying more as their businesses grow.


Dev CALs

With the Dev CAL, you purchase a CAL for every Device who accesses the server to use services such as file storage or printing. Purchasing a User CAL might make more sense if your company employees need to have roaming access to the corporate network using multiple devices, or from unknown devices, or simply have more devices than users in your organization.

Windows Server 2019 User Client Access Licenses

Windows Server Standard and Datacenter editions require Windows Server CALs for every user or device accessing a server. Some additional or advanced functionality will continue to require the purchase of an additive CAL. These are CALs that you need in addition to the Windows Server CAL to access functionality, such as Remote Desktop Services or Active Directory Rights Management Services.
Note: You must have a Windows Server 2019 CAL to access an instance of Windows Server 2019.