Sprotek Soldering Iron, 30W

MX75419 Soldering Iron, 30W
MX75419 Soldering Iron, 30W

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SPROTEK Soldering Iron, 30W

People who work with electronic components, designing, building or repairing electronic devices know the SPROTEK Brand. Their 30W Soldering Iron is designed to plug in and get to work on your workbench, coming up to temperature quickly.


  • Cool Touch Yellow Handle
    You can easily solder for hours without this handle getting too warm for comfort
  • Just the Right Temperature
    This 30W Soldering Iron keeps a consistent temperature so your can solder correctly the first time, every time
  • Quick Warm Up Time
    You won't have to wait long to get this Soldering Iron up to working temperature, so you can get started on your next project quickly
  • Works with Most Solder Types
    This Soldering Iron works very well with standard 60/40 Solder, as well as other blends


Make and Model SPROTEK Soldering Iron, 30W
Part Number ST-S302
Power Input: 110 ~ 120Vac
Power Consumption 30W
Dimensions N/A
Weight N/A