G.SKILL Trident Z Royal Silver DDR4-3600 C18 RAM Kit (2x 8GB)

MX75146 Trident Z Royal Silver DDR4-3600 C18 RAM Kit (2x 8GB)
MX75146 Trident Z Royal Silver DDR4-3600 C18 RAM Kit (2x 8GB)

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Works well with AMD X399 board and the latest Bios updates

Submitted on Monday, January 28, 2019
By Sterling Mitchell
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

3600 MHz is a great increase in bandwidth over 2666 MHz for apps that heavily use ram. Ram was plug and play with the newest X399 board update. Ryzen loves fast ram, the speed increase in all apps is noticible and 3600 MHz is really as fast as you want to push Ryzens memory controller. These sticks are not Samsung B-die from what I can tell, which is an advantage because I was actually able to find them in stock since Reddit has convinced everyone they need B-die ram lol.

Weaknesses of the product

18 CAS rating is a little slower than I would like but completely not noticeable. I handled my ram very carefully but still managed to smudge one stick. When I cleaned it with the included cloth I left minor scratches which ruins he finish. I’d recommend using gloves to install and don’t clean them if you do smudge one like I did even with the gloves. One of the sticks had the glue from the packaging on the pins. I had to clean it. If I hadn’t I could of got that crud in a slot and ruined my motherboard. Seems like G Skill isn’t what it used to be.

Additional Comments

I didn’t need the bling but two kits of this memory was in stock at one of my local stores so I decided to pull the trigger. It is Hynix chip ram but that’s no longer a disappointment for Ryzen users since the newest Bios will let this ram run flawlessly on Ryzen boards at XMP preset speeds. Overall the ram does look amazing in my case, better than I thought it would, and the RGB seems to respond fine to my Gigabyte control software on static settings. Other than some poor packaging choices by G Skill that required me to clean up one stick the kits are great. What’s the use of all that premium packaging if it ruins one ram stick? An average user would not of known to clean the crud off the ram pins before inserting the ram into the motherboard.
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