MSI MAG341CQ 34in Ultrawide Curved LED LCD w/ FreeSync

MX74087 MAG341CQ 34in Ultrawide Curved LED LCD w/ FreeSync
MX74087 MAG341CQ 34in Ultrawide Curved LED LCD w/ FreeSync MX74087 MAG341CQ 34in Ultrawide Curved LED LCD w/ FreeSync MX74087 MAG341CQ 34in Ultrawide Curved LED LCD w/ FreeSync MX74087 MAG341CQ 34in Ultrawide Curved LED LCD w/ FreeSync

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Solid monitor for the price. Delivers solid on the main selling points.

Submitted on Sunday, February 17, 2019
By John B
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

-Perfect size for 3440x1440 resolution -100hz is a perfect compromise; very noticeable moving up from 60/75hz -Curved panel -Clean look -Picture in picture functionality -Affordable price

Weaknesses of the product

-Minimal calibration settings, namely contrast / gamma -No speakers (not that many people use them)

Additional Comments

Im going to give this monitor a 4.5/5. I want to do a 4/5 but it saved me alot of money considering other monitors sold at this native resolution, and after tinkering with the settings for a little while Im finally quite happy with how its been performing. I use my PC mainly for gaming. Beyond that its used occasionally for video/photo viewing/editing and watching movies. This monitor has complemented all of those activities like I hoped it would. I can see alot more on screen compared to my 2560x1080 ultrawide and the curved panel makes for an immersive entertainment experience. I do think my old LG 29UM59-P had a little more quality to the picture but its nothing significant worth complaining about, especially as it can be up to preference since I set my own display settings (high contrast). I havent noticed anything in regards to the slower response time. It was something I was worried about but it wasnt obvious at all to me when I first started using it. No instances of ghosting yet. The stand is your typical fixed ergonomic type with only a slight ability to adjust the tilt angle of the display up and down. This can limit use in certain environments, and its also missing a VESA mount option. If youre looking to mount it on the wall, you will have to acquire one from an aftermarket seller. One of the pleasant surprises was finding out this monitor is G-Sync compatible because of its adaptive sync feature. It itsn't obvious as to how to set it up, but google can help with that. This was a feature that made me feel alot happier about the purchase. It also does tick like an engine when warming/cooling from heat expansion. It was very noticeable at first but since using it for a few days, it no longer is bothersome, or im just used to it. I would recommend this for anyone looking to get up to 1440p 21:9. MSI has outdone themselves with this monitor, filling a hole in the market. My GTX 1080 is doing okay pushing it though. If I had anything less it might have impacted performance enough to make me want to upgrade my GPU.

Excellent Monitor overall

Submitted on Monday, January 07, 2019
By Keith
From Alberta

Strengths of the product

Big, beautiful display, colors seem to be ok out of the box but I think some tuning will be needed to get it right for me. 3440x1440 resolution on the WUQHD display is awesome! I wouldn't want any less on a screen this big. 100Hz refresh is great... I know some will preach 144Hz, but I honestly can't see any difference between this and another at 144Hz Text is crisp and easy to read, makes everyday use a dream and I find it's very good for gaming as well. Price is very good for what you get. (I got it a bit cheaper on Black Friday,,,) Solidly built, feels great when I put the stand together, seems like quality materials.

Weaknesses of the product

8ms Response time is on the slow side, but I haven't noticed any problem with it for gaming and certainly none for daily use. No VESA mount, but I did see an adapter available if that's a requirement for you. No height adjustment on the stand but it does have tilt. The height is actually perfect for me so I had no issue with it. Lacks some fancy features, but you'll pay for them if you have to have them.

Additional Comments

I have to respectfully disagree with reviews that mention ghosting... I have seen ZERO issues with ghosting while playing. I don't play most of the games mentioned so perhaps there is an issue with specific titles (I have none with Skyrim however) or perhaps other reviewers are running lower end video cards / PC's and blaming the monitor for inadequate hardware, I'm not sure... I have not noticed any crackling noises that I saw mentioned elsewhere either, the monitor has been perfect for the 1st week of use I've had with it.

Ideal for gaming/browsing

Submitted on Thursday, December 27, 2018
By Martin
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

big and nice,

Weaknesses of the product

pricey,i know its still cheaper than rog or other top of the range screens.

Additional Comments

no ghosting whatsoever (dying light, thats darkest what i have), nice crisp image, bf5 make my gtx1060 red hot:), the witcher 3 looks amazing, no popping sounds like reviews on other sites, still no regrets of buying.

Looks great, but NOT for gaming.

Submitted on Tuesday, October 16, 2018
By Gordon
From Richmond

Strengths of the product

Crisp image Great color wonderful price for a 34 inch ultrawide monitor. Nice to look at.

Weaknesses of the product

Terrible ghosting in dark on dark in game/desktop situations.

Additional Comments

If you get your hands on it, just play a dark game......ones that will show the glaring ghosting include, Binding of isaac, Visage, Resident evil 7, Skyrim. These are just a few that i have personally tested and deemed a poor experience with this monitor. I was trying to upgrade from an older 4k lcdtv and while the refresh rate was wonderfull, with great color....gaming just caused a streaky ghosting mess. This did not effect its web browsing/text reading. The text scrolling while surfing the web is crisp and great. It really is just an issue on certain dark on dark situations. I am giving this monitor a 3.5/5. If this VA panel could handle the ghosting in dark situations it would be a 4.5/5 at this pricepoint. If you need it for officework then go for it. Great ultrawide real estate.
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