SteelSeries Arctis Pro RGB Gaming Headset for PC

MX71948 Arctis Pro RGB Gaming Headset for PC
MX71948 Arctis Pro RGB Gaming Headset for PC MX71948 Arctis Pro RGB Gaming Headset for PC MX71948 Arctis Pro RGB Gaming Headset for PC MX71948 Arctis Pro RGB Gaming Headset for PC

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Thursday, September 12, 2019
By: Scott
From: Calgary



Build quality Removable cable Multiple Connection options Sound


Sound Design Price Software Comfort Ear Cups/Fit/Clamping

Additional Comments:

Any reviewer raving about these I'm guessing was either paid or a fanboy of the brand, I'll get into that later. They sound decent BUT, you need an EQ to use them to their potential is what was advertised in the whole EQ profile by "pros" which they conveniently provide you software for, the software sucks and is brutal to try and adjust simple treble and bass to sound good, like a standard physical EQ. Almost as if they said, you know the standard adjustments...let's improve it or the software just adjust the wrong frequency. When you factor in an external EQ then a $20 DJ style headset can sound just as good as these, and it's impossible to tell the difference. If you plug them straight into your PC then the arctis have more of a toned down bass and clearer treble where your generic headset is a lot more "boom boom" which isn't the best for everything. An EQ will deal with that though, the arctis can go louder and clearer, but then you're in hearing damage mode anyways. Lower volume the treble side of things is also clearer. You are essentially paying(as of writing this they are $200) $140 for some LEDs and a gutted ski goggle that they turned vertical and called a comfort band, which translates into "pull up wards on your ears!". And the LEDs are stupid, no idea what the craze is with having your head look like an Xmas tree, speaking of the LEDs, the one on the Mic is amazing! You can really really test your skill with it, pull that badboy out and BAM-O, light shining in your left eye taking your difficulty to the next level! $60 set of Superlux headphones dang near the same, like very close, buy a cheapo mic, slap a flashlight on the tip of it(aimed backwards) and you have your very own set. About the reviewers raving about these...."Audiophile Quality" is a red flag, those obnoxious nerds will NOT use an EQ, it's like water to a wicked witch for them, even steelseries says use the EQ for these. Speaking of steelseries, they SUCK I emailed them a ticket asking for help on why the headphones didn't sound any better than a cheap pair despite using an AMP + DAC, no reply or suggestions. I was giving them the benefit of the doubt that I screwed up some setting. They do kick the crap out of a $30 amazon chinese special headset though, but the Taiwan Superlux has their number.
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