DJI Tello Propeller Guard Kit, 4 Pack

MX71855 Tello Propeller Guard Kit, 4 Pack
MX71855 Tello Propeller Guard Kit, 4 Pack

Product Info

Keep your Tello safer as you learn to fly it, practice tricks and fly around obstacles with this 4 Pack of Propeller Guards.

These lightweight Propeller Guards protect your Tello and it's propellers from contact with most solid objects. They make it safer to fly your Tello around inside buildings, in dark areas, and around other people and pets. They also help protect against injury or damage of people, pets and other things you might fly your Tello into.

These DJI Tello Propeller Guards are identical and can be placed at any corner of your drone. DJI recommends that your fly your Tello with all 4 Propeller Guards installed or with none at all for the best balance and consistant flight results.


  • Designed specifically for DJI Tello Drones
  • 4 Pack of OEM Tello Replacement Propeller Guards
  • Designed to be easy to mount and take off of your Tello Drone
  • These lightweight Propeller Guards don't affect your light times much


Make and Model DJI Tello Replacement Propeller Guard Kit, 4 Pack
Part Number CP.PT.00000222.01
Color Black
Propeller Types 4x DJI Tello Replacement Propeller Guards
Dimensions N/A
Weight N/A

Package Contents

  • 4x DJI Tello Propeller Guards