Startech Cat 6a Bulk Solid Copper Cable Spool, 1000Ft, Blue

MX71623 Cat 6a Bulk Solid Copper Cable Spool, 1000Ft, Blue
MX71623 Cat 6a Bulk Solid Copper Cable Spool, 1000Ft, Blue

Product Info

Startech Cat 6a Bulk Solid Copper Cable, 1000Ft

Deliver High Performance 10G Network Connections, Free of Noise and EMI / RFI Interference

This shielded Cat6a cable ensure fast and dependable 10 Gigabit network connections by protecting against electromagnetic interference (EMI/RFI) and noise with robust construction. The result is a fast and safe network by design.

This Solid Copper 23 AWG cable is tested for up to 500MHz and is more than suitable for 10GBase-T Ethernet networks.

Plus, the RJ45 connectors are both snagless and molded to prevent damage to the connector clips and the cable. This helps to avoid accidental disconnections and decreases in network performance.

Sold as a 1,000Ft Bulk Cable Spool, this shielded Cat6a Cable helps you complete your network solutions, allowing you to organize your cable runs and identify network connections.


  • Connect PoE-enabled devices to 10Gb networks
  • Connect servers to a Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Deliver data, voice and video over 10 Gigabit networks
  • Connect between computers, hubs, switches, routers, print servers and patch panels

Note: This bulk Cat 6a Cable does not include the matching Cat 6a Modular Plugs, Netowrk Crimping Tool, Cable Strippers, and other possible parts required to make the Cat 6a Network Cables you require.


Make and Model Startech Cat 6a Bulk Cable, 1000Ft
Color Blue
Cable Type Bulk Cat 6a Cable
Data Rating Cat 6a (10Gbps)
Cable Rating CAT6a - 500 MHz
Wire Gauge 23 AWG Solid Copper
Cable Jacket Type PVC: PolyVinyl Chloride
RJ45 Connectors Not Included
Length 1,000 Feet / 304.8m
Weight 2.5kg