Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC RGB 2.1 PC Gaming Speakers w/ Bluetooth

MX71499 G560 LIGHTSYNC RGB 2.1 PC Gaming Speakers w/ Bluetooth
MX71499 G560 LIGHTSYNC RGB 2.1 PC Gaming Speakers w/ Bluetooth MX71499 G560 LIGHTSYNC RGB 2.1 PC Gaming Speakers w/ Bluetooth MX71499 G560 LIGHTSYNC RGB 2.1 PC Gaming Speakers w/ Bluetooth MX71499 G560 LIGHTSYNC RGB 2.1 PC Gaming Speakers w/ Bluetooth

Product Info

G560 LIGHTSYNC PC Gaming Speaker System – Game-Driven Light + Sound

Experience new levels of sonic intensity with Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC PC gaming speakers with lights. This 2.1 Speaker system reacts to in-game action and music. Customize effects across nearly 16.8 Million colors with four lighting zones: front-facing and rear ambient projection. 240 Watts peak (120 watts RMS) power feeds an explosive, down-firing subwoofer and two satellite RGB speakers with wide-angle drivers for clear, pure sound. DTS:X Ultra engine renders 3d surround sound from PC games and music, delivering positional game audio for heightened realism. G560 connects to and mixes multiple sources: USB, 3.5mm, and Bluetooth. Seamlessly switch between up to 4 devices with Logitech easy-switch.

  • Powerful sound from its 2.1 design with an active subwoofer
  • 240 Watts Peak/ 120 Watts RMS power provides bold, clear sound
  • Built-In LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting blasts game driven lighting colors and effects activated by the audio in many popular games
  • Easily customize four speaker lighting zones with Logitech family software for both front and rear light projection in your choice of 16.8 Million colors
  • Integrated DTS:X ultra surround sound renders 3d positional audio so you hear your gaming environment from every angle
  • Bluetooth v4.1 and 25m line of sight range for the most reliable connection
  • Works with windows based PCs and Bluetooth enabled devices including computers, smartphones and tablets (DTS:X not supported on mac OS x)



RGB lighting that reacts to games - Experience new levels of intensity while gaming. LIGHTSYNC RGB immerses you into the action with automatic, game-driven lighting effects that react to many popular games. LIGHTSYNC will blast light to match in-game explosions, approaching enemies, damage taken, healing done, new worlds visited, and much more.

Bring Games to Light

Custom RGB experience for popular titles - Extend the game world into your room. Game developers work with our RGB SDK to program the color and animation effects for each game. That means the spectacular moments that the game creators focus on will be enhanced with RGB. Your favorite games. Brought to light.

Game Beyond The Monitor

Customizable screen sampler extends color - Choose any area on your monitor and assign it to any of the four lighting zones via Logitech Gaming Software (LGS). G560 then tracks in real-time and matches speaker lighting with the colors on screen. The result is stunning environmental lighting that immersing your room into the experience.

Audio Visualizer

Full spectrum lighting driven by music - See your music. Connect via Bluetooth, 3.5 jack or USB and the built-in G560 Audio Visualizer activates to bring your music to life. Low-volume response is a soft breathing effect. High-volume lighting pulses to the beat - rear lights take the bass and fronts take mids and highs. Connect via USB and use Logitech Gaming Software to customize lighting color and effects.

240 Watts Powerful Sound

All-consuming sound from every angle - Feel the explosive action from 240 Watts Peak (120 Watts RMS) power feeding the down-firing subwoofer and two satellite speakers with lightweight, high-strength metallic drivers. Hear every detail as game and sound designers intended from this 2.1 speaker system. And from a wide range of angles, thanks to the unique driver design delivering a huge soundscape.

DTS:X Ultra Surround Sound

Next-gen positional audio - The intensity you want and the edge you need from precise positional audio. DTS:X Ultra renders a 3D soundscape for games, so you hear your gaming environment from every angle. Also with DTS:X Ultra, multi-channel music sources such as 5.1 or 7.1 surround become a multi-dimensional experience. Each channel of the mix takes a unique position for heightened realism.

One Speaker for All Your Audio

USB, 3.5mm, and Bluetooth compatible - Enhance your rig with a versatile, easy-access audio solution. G560 connects to and mixes multiple sources: USB, 3.5mm, and Bluetooth®. USB connection is required for true digital audio, LIGHTSYNC RGB, and DTS:X Ultra® surround sound. With Logitech Easy-Switch™ you can seamlessly switch between up to 4 connected devices.

Logitech Gaming Software

Game integration and custom lighting effects - Game-driven lighting activates automatically. Just scan and add games in LGS and G560 handles the rest. With LGS, you can customize audio visualization lighting color and effects, as well as a screen sampler that reads pixels on screen and matches color dynamically. Choose any part of the screen and assign to any of the 4 areas: left and right, front and back. The G-key can also be programmed to activate custom commands for any applications.

Designed to Break Boundaries

The first RGB speaker of its kind - Feel games and music in a whole new way. Two lighting zones per speaker deliver rear ambient projection to enhance your environment and front-facing lights for more active and informational lighting. With LGS you can customize across approximately 16.8 million colors to match your style and setup. Let the programmable screen sampler react to your monitor to extend any colors from the screen to your room.

Controls at Your Fingertips

Personalized play - G560 serves as an audio control center as well. Volume control is front and center. Bluetooth pairing is done with the touch of a button. Programmable G-key cycles through color brightness by default and can activate anything from a special ability in-game to launching an audio application via LGS. The power button is also directly within reach on the back of the right satellite speaker.

System Requirements

  • Windows® 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 7
  • macOS X (DTS:X not supported)
  • USB port for PCs or 3.5 mm audio port for PC and mobile
  • Bluetooth enabled devices including a computer, smartphone, tablet and music player
  • Internet access for Logitech Gaming Software and DTS:X surround sound software installation


Part Number 980-001300
Color Black
Speaker Type 2.1-ch
Drive Size Satellite: 63.5 mm
Subwoofer: 165 mm
Frequency 40Hz ~ 18KHz
SPL [email protected]
Sensitivity [email protected]/1w
Impedance >10K ohm
Power Output 120W (RMS)
240W (Peak)
Lighting Customizable lighting zones w/ 16.8 million colors
Indicator LEDs Back and front lighting zones
Audio Control Yes, on right satellite speaker
Interface 1 x USB input
1 x Headphone jack
Connectivity Wired / Wireless
Wireless Technology Bluetooth® Specification Version 4.1
Wireless Range Up to 25-meter line of sight range
Cable Length 2200mm (speaker to subwoofer)
2500mm (USB cable)
Dimensions (WxHxD) Satellite:
166 x 148 x 118 mm
255 x 404 x 207 mm
Weight Satellites: 1.79kg (pair)
Subwoofer: 5.5kg
Control Pod: 7.27kg

Package Contents

  • 2 x Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC Satellite Speakers w/ Bluetooth®
  • 1 x Logitech Subwoofer with Power Cable
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • User's Documentation