Flashfire Cobra V5 HOTAS Flight Simulation Combo w/ Joystick and Throttle Unit

MX71444 Cobra V5 HOTAS Flight Simulation Combo w/ Joystick and Throttle Unit
MX71444 Cobra V5 HOTAS Flight Simulation Combo w/ Joystick and Throttle Unit MX71444 Cobra V5 HOTAS Flight Simulation Combo w/ Joystick and Throttle Unit MX71444 Cobra V5 HOTAS Flight Simulation Combo w/ Joystick and Throttle Unit MX71444 Cobra V5 HOTAS Flight Simulation Combo w/ Joystick and Throttle Unit

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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
By: JD Blackwell
From: Virginia, US

Cobra M5 HOTAS Review (purchased Mar 2021)


The Cobra V5 Joystick: -2 stage Main Trigger, "Pinkey" trigger, 2 buttons, 2 hats, 1 slider and a Mode switch w/ 3 modes. -The 3 "Modes" allow you to remap all 32 controls (combined stick and throttle) differently for each mode, for a total of 96 mappable controls for the Set. -All Control Head controls are in thumb reach, though the 2 red buttons are about as far apart as I am comfortable reaching for with my thumb. The hats "feel" descent and they are "clicky". The 1st stage trigger is light, but not excessively so and the 2nd stage trigger is crisp. -There is a Pinky trigger which has a decent feel. The Throttle: (In Win10 Game Controllers app this reports as a: Titanwolf Griffin Throttle) -1 Throttle, 5 buttons, 1 hat, 2 rotational sliders. -This is a very ergonomic / formfitting Throttle. -I like the overall "feel", the throttle throw is smooth and is adjustable for "friction". The buttons / controls layout is comfortable.


-Both stick & throttle are plastic, and therefore feel similar to other plastic sets, however the stick does have a solid 3/16" all steel base-plate. As an all plastic set one has to be careful not to "beat it up" in use. -There is no software... drivers, calibration or mapping, available for/with or online for this set. You have to use the Win10 "Game Controllers" app or generic apps from the net. -The Pinky trigger is the only really "wiggly" part as it also flips over to store it when not in use. **** In Star Citizen the "Twist" axis input from the stick is NOT recognized. **** There is a fix for this. Download and load two programs: "vJoy" Virtual Joystick driver and "UCR" Universal Control Remapper. Create a Virtual Joystick as an exact copy of the Cobra V5 HOTAS. Map Twist axis Input to a Rotational-axis Output and the Cobra V5 stick sends the Twist commands to the vJoy and that sends the Twist commands to the game.

Additional Comments:

I use this in Star Citizen and will be using it in Elite Dangerous. Now that I have the "Twist" input working correctly I am VERY pleased with this HOTAS set for the price. If it holds up over time I will be extremely happy with this HOTAS set. The 'grip' and in-hand 'feel' of the stick. I have largish hands so I measured the sticks "grip" area. A bit more than 4.5" from palm rest to the Head Unit at the top, 1" wide x 1.5" front to back and is a slightly curved flattened oval which I "personally" find quite comfortable in a "practical & good engineering" stand point, not so much from an "ergonomic & comfortable" stand point like the 3D Extreme. And TBH it "feels" Russian / Eastern Block to me... and I really like it. Some useful links: VJoy: http://vjoystick.sourceforge.net/site/ UCR: https://www.autohotkey.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=12249 https://github.com/evilC/UCR/wiki/User-Manual https://www.play-old-pc-games.com/compatibility-tools/vjoy-tutorial/ https://ventorvar.com/posts/joystick-intro/
Sunday, June 14, 2020
By: JC
From: Calgary

Returning this. Can't recommend it.


-Looks pretty -Feels comfortable


-Forward (or down) and right on stick don't work. -No software with stick or available on Flashfire site. -No apparent means of calibration.

Additional Comments:

I bought this yesterday. I cannot get it to work properly and the issue with the forward and right positions on the stick seems to be common with both the V5 and V6. Sadly, Flashfire doesn't have any fixes posted and no available software for the Cobra V5. An issue like this makes the stick basically useless which means I haven't been able to get any actual play time with it. Hence, the failing grade. The lack of software or actual support on the Flashfire site makes the grade unrecoverable. I will not be buying any Flashfire equipment in the future. I will be returning this to MemX.
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