Fractal Design Focus G Mini mATX Case w/ Window, Black

MX70770 Focus G Mini mATX Case w/ Window, Black
MX70770 Focus G Mini mATX Case w/ Window, Black MX70770 Focus G Mini mATX Case w/ Window, Black MX70770 Focus G Mini mATX Case w/ Window, Black MX70770 Focus G Mini mATX Case w/ Window, Black

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Monday, August 17, 2020
By: Daniel
From: Vancouver

A pleasure to build in.


The two included fans are quiet and not bad-looking with white LEDs (can't figure out how to turn the LEDs off though, so if lights bother you, that might be an issue). The hard drive bay was quite simple to slot a drive into. There are convenient cable management holes in all the right spots, and little loops on the back to insert zip ties or twist ties into in order to secure the cables in place. The build quality was pretty good as well, and the clear acrylic side panel elevates the build a bit by letting users see the inside.


There is no power supply shroud, and so if you use a non-modular power supply like I did, the cables will be exposed. I used twist ties to tie all the excess cables to the bottom 3.5 inch drive bay, and that hides them pretty well since the side panel kind of has a bezel, but this is still something you want to keep in mind. Some of the front IO cables could have benefited from being a few centimetres longer, especially the audio cable which I had to route differently from the other cables in the case. Price could be a bit better as well. Motherboard USB 3.1 gen 1 headers can support 2 USB 3.1 gen 1 ports, so it's a bummer that there is only 1 USB 3.1 gen 1 and a USB 2.0 port infront. Power and reset switches are nice.

Additional Comments:

Overall, it was quite an easy case to build in, but the finished product may not look as pretty as you would expect for a case from a company with "Design" in its name. Still a solid offering though, and I would recommend this to first-time builders simply due to how easy it is to build in. More experienced builders might find better cases for them elsewhere.
Thursday, November 14, 2019
By: Tim
From: Calgary

Good budget case.. could’ve been great


-Easy to build in, even with my ham fisted approach to PC building. -Very good airflow, excellent thermals. -Used as a Home Theatre/mild gaming rig so the expansion bays allowed for use of Bluray / DVD drive with was a huge bonus.


-Cable management a little iffy, some type of cover for the PSU/HDD area to hide the cables off the back of the PSU would’ve made a world of difference, that alone would’ve bumped my review to 5 stars.. but if you are willing to spend some time down there it can be made to look decent. -For the price the build quality is acceptable, but not anything beyond. -Didn’t bother hooking up the fans so cannot comment, would’ve liked to have pwm instead of LED 3 pins.. but that’s just me.

Additional Comments:

All in all it’s a great budget case that allows for use of optical drives and gets great thermals. I think a little refining could’ve make it a great case, but at the price point it’s hard to beat.
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