Belkin Wemo Mini Smart Wall Plug

MX70665 Wemo Mini Smart Wall Plug
MX70665 Wemo Mini Smart Wall Plug MX70665 Wemo Mini Smart Wall Plug MX70665 Wemo Mini Smart Wall Plug MX70665 Wemo Mini Smart Wall Plug

Product Info

Control and Dim Your Lights from Anywhere

The Wemo® Mini Smart Plug lets you control your electronic devices right from your phone or tablet. The Smart Plug uses your existing home Wi-Fi network to provide wireless control of lamps, heaters, fans, and more--with no subscription or hub required. Simply plug the Wemo® Mini Smart Plug into an electrical outlet, plug a device into the Smart Plug, and control your device using the free Wemo® app. Whether you're unwinding on the couch or vacationing in the Caribbean, you'll be able to remotely control your lights and appliances from anywhere in the world.


Convenient, Compact Design

With its sleek, compact form factor, Wemo® Mini fits into any electrical outlet without obstructing other sockets. This allows you to stack an additional Wemo® Mini or plug in another device in the same outlet.

Schedule Your Lights and Appliances

Wemo® Mini lets you easily set automatic schedules for any device that's plugged in--from lamps to fans to space heaters. Using the free Wemo® app, you can schedule a fan to turn on at noon, or synchronize a lamp with the sunset so you never come home to a dark house.

Protect Your Home with Randomized Lights

With the ability to randomize your lights, Wemo® Mini protects your home better than a mechanical timer. When set to "Away Mode," the smart plug will turn plugged-in lights on and off randomly to make it appear like you're home--even when you're not.

Optimize Your Light Controls

Wemo® Dimmer will calibrate to work with your specific type of bulb - from LEDs and CFLs to incandescent bulbs. No matter what type of bulb you're using, you'll enjoy the maximum amount of dimming range with no flickering.

Say It: Hands-free Control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Wemo® Mini works seamlessly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices to give you hands-free voice control over your devices. Pair Wemo® Mini with Amazon Alexa or a Google Assistant device to turn your lights, your appliances, or an entire room on or off with just the power of your voice.

Pairs with Nest for Automatic Home-away Control

When paired with Nest's Thermostat, Nest's "home" and "away" modes can sync with your Wemo® Mini for automatic control. Nest can tell Wemo® when you're home or away, so your fan can turn off to save energy when the house is empty. Or your lights can turn on automatically when you walk in the door.

Works with IFTTT for Automated Recipes

"If This, Then That" is a free web-based service that opens up an amazing array of possibilities for your Wemo® Mini. Visit to find "recipes" for making Wemo® Mini turn lights on and off based on real-world events, send you push notifications about device activity, and much more.

Peace of Mind with Remote Control

When a light or appliance is plugged into a Wemo® Mini Smart Plug, you can turn it off from your phone no matter where you are. You'll never have to worry that you accidentally left the iron or Christmas lights on again.

System Requirements

  • Wi-Fi router
  • Android 4.4 or higher
  • iOS 9 or higher


Part Number F7C063fc
Connectivity Wi-Fi
Wireless Technology 2.4GHz 802.11n
Voltage Rating 120V @ 15A, 60Hz
Max. Wattage 1800W
Dimensions (WxHxD) 3.8" x 1.4" x 2.4"
Weight 0.2 lb

Note: Designed for residential indoor dry location use only.

Package Contents

  • Belkin Wemo Mini Smart Plug w/ Wi-Fi
  • Quick Start Guide