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  • MX70381 1100 Series Solid State Drive, 2TB
  • MX70381 1100 Series Solid State Drive, 2TB


1100 Series Solid State Drive, 2TB

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Product Info

Micron 1100 2TB 2.5in SATA III SSD w/ 3D NAND Flash

Micron’s solid state drive (SSD) uses a single-chip controller with a SATA interface on the system side and up to four channels of Micron NAND Flash internally. In a 2.5-inch form factor, this SATA III SSD integrates easily in existing storage infrastructures.

The SSD is designed to use the SATA interface efficiently during both READs and WRITEs while delivering bandwidth-focused performance. SSD technology enables enhanced boot times, faster application load times, reduced power consumption and extended reliability.


Dynamic Write Acceleration

Dynamic write acceleration optimizes SSD performance for typical client-computing environments, where WRITE operations tend to occur in bursts of commands with idle time between these bursts.

Under accelerated operation, write performance may be significantly higher than non-accelerated operations. Power consumption per-byte written is lower during accelerated operation, which may reduce overall power consumption and heat production.

SSD Performance

The major factors affecting drive performance are the capacity of the drive and the interface of the host. Additionally, overall system performance can affect the measured drive performance. When comparing drives, it is recommended that all system variables are the same, and only the drive being tested varies.

For SSDs designed for the client computing market, Micron specifies performance in fresh-out-of-box (FOB) state. Data throughput measured in steady state may be lower than FOB state, depending on the nature of the data workload.
Performance numbers will vary depending on the host system configuration.

  • PCMark Vantage (HDD Score): 84,000
  • Sequential Performance:
    • Reads (128KB Transfers): 530 MB/s
    • Writes (128KB Transfers): 500 MB/s
  • Random Access Performance:
    • Reads (4KB Transfers): 92,000 IOPS
    • Writes (4KB Transfers): 83,000 IOPS
  • Typical Latency:
    • Reads: 85 µs
    • Writes: 40 µs

Additional Information:

Download the Manufacturer Specification Sheet


Make and Model Micron 1100 2.5in SATA III SSD in White Box Bulk Packaging
Capacity 2TB Unformatted
Formatted capacity is less due to Drive formatting and partitioning, etc.
Form Factor 2.5in Drive
Interfaces SATA III
Sequential Bandwidth Sequential Reads: Up to 530 MB/sec
Sequential Writes: Up to 500 MB/sec
Random IOPS 4KB, QD1, Thread 1
Random Read: Up to 92,000 IOPS
Random Write: Up to 83,000 IOPS
Flash Type 3D NAND Flash
TRIM Support Yes
S.M.A.R.T. Support Yes
MTBF Reliability 1.5 Million Hours (Mean Time Between Failure)
Error Rate Unrecoverable Error Rate: < 1 sector per 1015 bits read
Temperature Operating: 0 ~ 70° C
Storage: -40 ~ 85° C
Humidity 5 ~ 95% RH, non-condensing
Shock Non Operating: 1,500G for 0.5ms (3 Axis)
Vibration Non-Operating: 5 ~ 800 Hz @ 3.1G
Power Sleep Mode: <4mW (L1.2)
Dimensions 100.45 x 69.85 x 7.00mm
Weight 56g