EVO Gimbals EVO Rage 3 Axis Gimbal Gen2 w/ Accessory Kit, Travel Case

MX70113 EVO Rage 3 Axis Gimbal Gen2 w/ Accessory Kit, Travel Case
MX70113 EVO Rage 3 Axis Gimbal Gen2 w/ Accessory Kit, Travel Case MX70113 EVO Rage 3 Axis Gimbal Gen2 w/ Accessory Kit, Travel Case MX70113 EVO Rage 3 Axis Gimbal Gen2 w/ Accessory Kit, Travel Case MX70113 EVO Rage 3 Axis Gimbal Gen2 w/ Accessory Kit, Travel Case

Product Info

EVO Rage Gen2 for DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras

The Gimbal Everyone is Raging About
Capturing pro-quality video with your DSLR or Mirrorless camera has never been easier. The Rage Gen2 delivers the same top-rated stabilization performance of the original Rage in an updated design with refined user controls, expanded payload options & extended run times up to 18 hours!

Fastest Stabilization Speeds in The Industry

Built for speed, the Rage Gen2 delivers the fastest stabilization performance in the industry with a combined refresh rate of 4kHz; resulting in ultra-fast reaction speeds and the smoothest shots.


  • 340g ~ 2.5kg Payload Capacity
  • 4-Way Joystick
  • X3 CoreMark MCUs @ 4Khz
  • Unlimited 360° Pan, Tilt and Roll
  • Up To 18 Hours Run Time
  • CCI Control for Zoom & Record
  • Includes CNC Tripod

Unleash Your Creativity

Tooless camera tray for ultimate flexibility

The EVO Rage Gen2 features a fully adjustable (tool-less) camera tray that allows you to easily reposition the center of gravity of your camera. Updated for 2018 the Rage Gen2 now supports a wider range of camera and lens payload combinations up to 2,500g (5.5 lbs).

Supports most mirrorless & DSLR Cameras

With a maxium payload of 4lbs (1.8kgs) the Rage Gen2 supports most mirrorless & DSLR cameras using 3 distinguished power settings for light, medium & heavy payloads.

Click to download the Camera Compatibility Document PDF

Compact + Lightweight

At 950g, the Rage Gen2 is the most compact & lightest stabilizer in its class. Simple one-handed operation empowers you to capture shots in tight settings while with minimal effort.

Control Shutter, Record & Zoom From Handle

The Rage Gen2 achieves true single handed operation with built-in camera control functions right from the handle for Sony and Panasonic brand cameras. Simply connect the EVO CCI control cable to your camera, set the control protocol in the APP and you can now control shutter, record and zoom right on the handle for true single handed operation.

Point to Point Motion Time-Lapse

Create stunning point to point motion time-lapses using the EVO Remote APP. Set up to 6 sweep points and select from a multitude of time-lapse settings ranging from 30 seconds up to 30 minutes of time-lapse capture.


3 Easy To Use Stabilization Modes Allow You To Replicate The Same Dolly or Jib-Arm Shots Seen In Multi-Million Dollar Productions.

  • Pan Follow Mode
    Tilt & Roll axis are locked. Pan axis rotates smoothly with turn of wrist. Use joystick up & down to control tilt angle of camera.
  • Lock Mode
    Tilt, Roll and Pan axis are locked. Use joystick to manually control pan & tilt.
  • Full Follow Mode
    Roll axis is locked. Pan and Tilt axis smoothly follow handle. Use joystick left and right to adjust the horizon angle (dutch)

Custom Shooting Profiles
The Rage Gen2 comes preset with Fast-Motion & Walking (default) shooting profiles allowing you to select the desired stabilization reaction speed for your specific shot. Fine tune your own settings and create customized profiles for your shooting style.

Wireless Remote Operation
Achieve that unique perspective by remotely controlling your gimbal from the EVO Remote APP or the EVO wireless controller. With control distances up to 40 feet you can stand back and get the shot.

Smart-Track Technology
Activate the Smart-Track feature in the EVO Remote APP to track a person or object on the move. Simply draw a box around your subject and the EVO Rage will automatically pan & tilt the camera keeping the subject in the frame.

Replicate Cinematic Moves

The built-in ¼-20 threaded handle allows you to mount the Rage to any tripod, monopod or similar mount giving you the ultimate freedom to produce a variety of shots in a compact, lightweight and portable setup. Extending your camera to get a stabilized shot above a crowd without using a drone is easier than ever using our set of heavy duty light-weight carbon fiber extension poles.

Manufacturer Unboxing Video

Additional Information:

Visit the Manufacturer Product Web Page for Full Details

Click to download the Camera Compatibility Document PDF


For use with the following Digital Cameras:

  • Sony A7 Series (CCI Compatible*)
  • Panasonic Lumix Series (CCI Compatible*)
  • Panasonic GH4 / GH5 Series (CCI Compatible*)
  • Canon EOS Series (up to 80D)
  • Canon M Series
  • Nikon J Series

*Optional CCI Cables Sold Separately


Make and Model EVO RAGE 3-Axis Gimbal For DSLR Cameras
Part Number EVO-50580
Camera Payload 350g ~ 2.5kg
Range Tilt, Roll & Pan: ± 360° each axis
Operating Temperature -15 ~ 50°C
Batteries 2x IMR 26500 Lithium Ion Batteries
Current Draw 6.8Vdc @ 6.8mA, 0.046W
Battery Life Up to 12 hours*
Heavier camera / lens combos use more energy than lighter ones
Battery Charging 5V USB @ 1500mAh
Dimensions Gimbal: 295 x 120 x 105mm
Weight Gimbal w/o Batteries: 985g

Package Contents

  • 1x EVO Rage 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal with:
    • 1x Storage Case
    • 2x IMR 26500 3,600mAh Rechargeable 3.7v Batteries
    • 1x 26500 Li-Ion Charger
    • 1x Micro USB Cable (for Charger &qmp; Software Updates)
    • 2x CCI Control Cables Sony / Panasonic
    • 1x EVO Folding Tripod
    • 1x EVO Grip Tape
    • 1x Lens Mount
    • 2x Camera Tray Screws
    • 1x Battery extension tube
    • 1x Warranty Card
    • 1x User Manual