Ducky PBT Double-Shot Full Key Cap Set w/ 108 Pieces, Skyline

MX70048 PBT Double-Shot Full Key Cap Set w/ 108 Pieces, Skyline
MX70048 PBT Double-Shot Full Key Cap Set w/ 108 Pieces, Skyline

Product Info

Ducky PBT Double-Shot Skyline Full Keycap Set w/ 108 Key Caps

Personalize your existing Mechanical Keyboard with different Keycaps made with Ducky's PBT Double Shot Keys! This 108 Key Cap Set has a Black / Grey color scheme.

Replace all or just some of your Mechanical Keyboard's Keycaps for a unique, custom look.

These Key Caps are fully Cherry MX Key Switch Compatible which means they automatically fit hundreds of different Mechanical Keyboards from Ducky and other major Name Brand Manufacturers.

  • Full PBT Set of double shot keycaps for your Mechanical Keyboard
  • Double Shot legend printing technology makes sure your key caps never fade
  • Fully Cherry MX Switch compatible for Ducky and other Name Brand Mechanical Keyboards
  • Cherry MX Stem Compatible
  • OEM Profile

Note: This 108 piece Key Cap Set does not include a keyboard.


Ducky PBT Doubleshot 108-Key Keycap Set Skyline

The Ducky PBT Doubleshot 108-Key Keycap Set Skyline (DKSA108-USPDHHWOS) features high-quality keycap replacements designed for the Ducky One 2 Skyline mechanical keyboard. The 108-key keycap set implements a two-colour theme that makes each legend highly visible, for much easier reading and pressing.

Dual-colour Legend Theme

Alphanumeric legends and special symbols come in Opaque White colour. Keycap colours have a Gray colour. This palette makes characters very visible, even in low light conditions.

Durable Build Quality

PBT material makes each included key robust and long-lasting. The legends are double-shot, making them exceptionally resistant to wear.

If you often admire your city's skyline, you will enjoy looking and using your Ducky mechanical keyboard when you have the Ducky Skyline 108-key Keycap Set installed. The keycap set's beautiful colourway not only makes your keyboard appear stunning but makes it more easy to use as well. These non-backlit keys are compatible with Cherry MX keys used in the Ducky One 2 Skyline mechanical keyboard, and Cherry MX "clone" keys.


Make and Model Ducky Full PBT Double-Shot Keycap Set
Part Number Number DKSA108-USPDHHWOS
Key Cap Colors Black Grey Color Scheme:
Alpha Numeric and some function keycaps are Opaque White
The remaining keycaps are Grey
Key Cap Design PBT Double Shot design
Key Caps 108 PBT Double Shot Key Caps
Dimensions N/A
Weight N/A