ADATA P20100 20,100 mAh PowerBank, White / Blue

MX70040 P20100 20,100 mAh PowerBank, White / Blue
MX70040 P20100 20,100 mAh PowerBank, White / Blue MX70040 P20100 20,100 mAh PowerBank, White / Blue MX70040 P20100 20,100 mAh PowerBank, White / Blue

Product Info

Unparallelled Charging Capacity

The P20100 boasts more than 20,000mAh1 in charging capacity, allowing it to charge mobile devices multiple times in a single charge. Never worry again about running out of power!

Supreme Charging Capacity

The P20100's unparallelled capacity allows it to charge a tablet computer about 2x and it can charge a smartphone a mind-bogglingly 8x, on average.

Dual USB Outputs

With both USB output ports offering 2.1A of charging current, the P20100 can charge two mobile devices simultaneously. Also with 2.1 Amps per port, you can top up your device's power in half the time!


LED Flashlight Included

The P20100 can also light up your life! With its built-in LED and toggle switch on the side of the device, the P20100 serves as a convenient and user-friendly flashlight.

Charge and Discharge Simultaneously

The P20100 can charge your phone or tablet while receiving a charge itself. This means you no longer have to wait for the power bank to be charged before you can use it on your mobile devices!

High Amperage for Maximum Efficiency

A power bank that cannot be charged quickly has very limited usefulness. The P20100 accepts 2A input, which means it can be filled at twice the speed of the 1A devices commonly found on the market.

Smaller without Sacrificing Performance

The P20100 shatters conventions by being smaller than other 20,100mAh power banks available on the market. This makes it more easily portable, without compromising performance.

Exceptionally Sturdy Materials

Thanks to its high-quality battery parts and a fire-resistant outer casing, the P20100 offers stable performance, lasts longer, and ensures safety.

Multiple Forms of Circuit Protection

Safety is always the paramount concern for electronic devices, and the P20100 is no exception. Safe operations are guaranteed thanks to the device's protective measures against over-charge, over-discharge, over-heating, short-circuit, and over-voltage in input and output.


Make and Model ADATA P20100 Power Bank
Part Number AP20100-5V-CWHBL
Color White
Outputs Outputs: 2x 5Vdc @ 2,100mA, 10.5W USB Type-A ports

Input: 1x 5Vdc @ 2,000mA, 10W micro USB Type A port

Battery 20,100mAh Lithium Ion Battery1
Dimensions 151 x 75 x 25.5mm
Weight 443g
  1. ADATA power banks utilize rechargeable li-ion batteries. Rated capacities are affected by various factors including but not limited to ambient temperature, testing conditions, and methods. Rated capacities of ADATA power banks are all tested and approved by third party test labs under strict conditions. The available capacity of rechargeable batteries decreases gradually with time and number of uses.