ADATA P10050 10,050mAh Power Bank, White

MX70038 P10050 10,050mAh Power Bank, White
MX70038 P10050 10,050mAh Power Bank, White MX70038 P10050 10,050mAh Power Bank, White MX70038 P10050 10,050mAh Power Bank, White

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Good on sale

Submitted on Friday, May 08, 2020
By Nick
From Vancouver

Strengths of the product

Price, brand name, reliable,

Weaknesses of the product

Button turns flashlight on inside my bag, it could drain the entire battery if not turned off. Charges at normal rate, I dont have a multimeter but it looks like at 1A rate.

Additional Comments

Very good device on sale. No issues other that button gets pressed inside the bag.

Very dumb but does the job

Submitted on Friday, March 13, 2020
By David
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

It's a lot of power. Bought it on sale at a serious discount and for and at that price it's worth it

Weaknesses of the product

Do not buy for more than $9. Does not quick charge my lg v20, or any other device i have tested Flashlight button is extremely stupid and will turn on in my bag more times than not. Flashlight is stupid in comparison to any other light source eg my phone flash, and serves no purpose to me other than to drain the battery when I'm not using it Battery pack needs to be "woken up" with the button before it will detect devices and charge them. Double annoying is the button is on the side most usb boards treat as "down". Some usb devices with a button might have them on the wrong side because of this The bar of soap design is uninspired and slides of everything. Absolutely no grip at all on it. The older design from a few years back was a lot more rectangular and had enough surface contact to slide around less

Additional Comments

Do not buy for more than $9. The older version only had one port but worked substantially better in almost every instance and didn't need to be powered on to stop charging things.

Great power banks!

Submitted on Thursday, June 13, 2019
By Mike
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

The flashlight feature is actually a welcome addition! I get several phone charges out of these. Used one to provide external power to my bike computer during an endurance event and it handled it without fault. Two charge ports are quite convenient.

Weaknesses of the product

Maybe a little bulky? Would prefer a more rectangular shape for easier stacking...

Additional Comments

These are great. Picked two up for 9.99 each and they have worked flawlessly for me thus far. The flashlight was a surprising bonus when I went camping and for late night trips to bed in the dark. Honestly, simple straightforward reliable product. Great value imo, would buy again!
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