Ducky One Series RGB Mechanical Keyboard w/ Cherry MX Silver Switches

MX70025 One Series RGB Mechanical Keyboard w/ Cherry MX Silver Switches
MX70025 One Series RGB Mechanical Keyboard w/ Cherry MX Silver Switches MX70025 One Series RGB Mechanical Keyboard w/ Cherry MX Silver Switches MX70025 One Series RGB Mechanical Keyboard w/ Cherry MX Silver Switches MX70025 One Series RGB Mechanical Keyboard w/ Cherry MX Silver Switches

Product Info

One Series RGB LED Backlit Mechanical Keyboard


Excellent for gaming and typing, this Ducky One RGB mechanical keyboard features linear switches for a smooth, accurate typing experience.

The Ducky One RGB boasts one of the slimmest designs that Ducky have ever made - without compromising functionality. It features improved RGB backlighting, Cherry MX Silver switches, a slim design, PBT doubleshot backlit keycaps, Ducky Macro V2.0 and more. The two-stage feet heights are new and improved from traditional designs allowing you to choose one of three angles for maximum ergonomic comfort. Purpose built for the avid gamer, the dual layered PCB board, full N-Key Rollover via USB and Windows Lock key are all top tier features that help The One stand out from the rest.

  • Genuine Mechanical Cherry MX Silver Switches - Select keyboards come with a range of switch types identified by their colour from the Cherry MX family of switches, all made in Germany
  • USB N-Key Rollover Have confidence in your keystrokes as ducky keyboards can handle any number of simultaneous key presses. This can also be switch to 6-Key Rollover
  • RGB Backlighting - Customize your backlighting with complete RGB customization. Use the single key function to map out zones, and choose the exact colour with Ducky's RGB blending function
  • Backlighting Effects - Choose from an assortment of preset backlighting effects and adjust the speed of the animations to your liking
  • Double Shot PBT Keycaps - Experience comfort and clarity with Duckys double shot laser engraved keycaps made from PBT and ABS plastics


PBT Double Shot Keycaps

PBT double shot keycaps will be an excellent choice for the office, casual use, and gaming. (Some Language come with ABS Laser engraved keycaps)

Narrow Bezel Design

Extremely narrow and thin frame design, which helps the space of placing keyboards, and makes it neat and tidy in visual.

The Best Made in Germany Mechanical Switches

Ducky uses only genuine Cherry MX switches, and its life cycle for over 50 million times. Standard cross-shaped, allow users to replace keycaps easily.

Individual Indicator Lights

Individual indicator lights design, allow users to keep all key's backlighting which turn to 100% backlighting, wave and other modes.

Two-stage Feet

Ducky One RGB Version with new designed that provided two-stage feet and it is different from the traditional monolithic feet. Users are able to change the angle for keyboard with the choice of three (feet folded, small feet and big feet).


Detachable Cable Design (Micro USB)

Using with a detachable cable design, users are able to choose their favorite cable. Ducky uses the fastest rate available under the USB interface, and updates the keyboard's status to the computer every 1 ms (millisecond). This minimize the delay when the keys are pressed and signal received by your computer (1ms = 0.001s).


A Variety of Colorful RGB Backlighting

100% Full Backlighting, Breathing, Color Cycling, Wave and Rain Drop mode. Allow users to adjust RGB backlighting color and decrease/ increase speed.

Dual-layer PCB

This will give longer life expectancy as well as signal stability of the keyboard.

More Brightness SMD RGB LED

3528 SMD RGB LED and in back soldering technology to improve the backlight brightness.

USB N-Key Rollover

Under USB, the Ducky keyboard can handle any number of simultaneous key presses. You can use the keyboard confidently in any situations knowing that there will never be ghosting or key blocking issue. Also, can switch to 6-Key Rollover mode.


Product Type RGB Mechanical Keyboard
Part Number DKON1708ST-PUSPDAAT1
Colour Black
Keyboard Layout US standard
Key Switches Mechanical Switches
w/ 50-million clicks durability
Switch Type Cherry MX Silver Switches
Anti-Ghosting 100% anti-ghosting
Key Roller / Matrix N-Key rollover (NKRO)
Response Time N/A
Keystroke Lifecycle N/A
Fully Programmable Yes, on-the-fly macro keys w/ Ducky Macro V2.0
Processor ARM M3 MCU
Memory On-board
Backlighting RGB color LED
Connectivity Wired
Interface USB 2.0
Power USB powered
USB Passthrough N/A
Polling Rate 1,000Hz Ultrapolling
Cable Type Detachable Micro-USB cable
Cable Length 60"
Material Plastic, PBT keycaps
Dimensions 440 x 140 x 41 mm
Weight 1.3 kg

Package Contents

  • Ducky One RGB Version Mechanical Keyboard w/ Cherry MX Silver Switches
  • Ducky Key Puller
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card