Western Digital 4TB My Cloud Home Duo NAS, White

MX69849 4TB My Cloud Home Duo NAS, White
MX69849 4TB My Cloud Home Duo NAS, White MX69849 4TB My Cloud Home Duo NAS, White MX69849 4TB My Cloud Home Duo NAS, White MX69849 4TB My Cloud Home Duo NAS, White

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Just don't

Submitted on Thursday, April 05, 2018
By T
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

None really "Might" be good for grandma... maybe... but even then... Perhaps in the future a firmware update will completely overhaul this NAS. But in it's current form, I cannot recommend it to anyone.

Weaknesses of the product

-The UI is not a standard IP based translation. It's an amalgamation of hostname and WD's proprietary software/network interface. it's much worse than it sounds. If you're a sysadmin hoping to simply plug the NAS into your network, setup an array and begin data transfer, you need to look elsewhere. -When they say "4TB" what they mean is 2 x 2TB drives striped (RAID 0). So again if you're a sysadmin hoping for 4TB of redundancy, look elsewhere. -Slooow (even when striped), IO speeds are terrible

Additional Comments

When you compare this NAS to the other WD offerings it "looks better" as far as raw specifications, and hardware/price wise technically it is, but that's where the fun stops. Unless you are willing to flash a micro linux onto it (Which is not simple, the average user would not be able to) You will not find this product to be as useful as a typical NAS from another vendor (even WD themselves have better products). Don't make the same mistake I did, just avoid.

Official Reply from Memory Express:

As a SysAdmin, you know this is a Home NAS, it even says that in the name of the product. So, for the price, it is not a professional, business orientated NAS that can cost many, many times more. This is why it does not have the business orientated features you want.

You should also know that WD has more "professional" orientated NAS devices for Consumers, and for Businesses. At those more advanced price and feature levels, you can add and swap NAS specific drives which we assume would be more to your business needs.

Unfairly down rating a major brand name Consumer NAS because it does not measure up to the standards of expensive Enterprise Class NAS Devices (that can cost 10x more) does not help other consumers make personal buying decisions.

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