MSI Clutch GM 40 Gaming Mouse, Black

MX69455 Clutch GM 40 Gaming Mouse, Black
MX69455 Clutch GM 40 Gaming Mouse, Black MX69455 Clutch GM 40 Gaming Mouse, Black MX69455 Clutch GM 40 Gaming Mouse, Black MX69455 Clutch GM 40 Gaming Mouse, Black

Product Info

MSI's CLUTCH GM40 Gaming Mouse


Speed Surface
The Clutch GM40 Gaming Mouse is designed for all-round gaming with its solid shape and unique functions. With a precise optical sensor reading up to 5,000 dpi, gamers are offered more control in game.

The dual profile settings allow for quick customizing of DPI between default mode and advanced mode. The exclusive switch on the bottom offers more flexibility to turn on / off the side buttons for gaming & office environments.

Ambidextrous Design For Unmatched Ergonomics
Clutch GM40 GAMING mouse is crafted by ergonomic design providing both right and left hand gamers the most comfortable gaming experience.

Convenient Side Button Switch
GM40 takes care of both right- and left-handed users. A physical switch at the bottom of the mouse enables users to switch between left- and right-handed use and even a gaming mode which disables the side buttons.

  • Unmatched Ambidextrous Ergonomics
  • Convenient Side Button Switch
  • Quick DPI Adjustment
  • Integrated Anti-Slip side grips
  • Gaming Quality, Longer lifespan


PMW 3310 Optical Sensor
The PMW 3310 is one of the most popular gaming sensors in the market, built with highly sensitive and durable materials. This sensor will give the GM40 the edge over the enemy.

DPI Adjustment for All Needs
Providing two DPI settings without software control for various usages. Just press the both left and right buttons once then switch to advanced mode, and enjoy it!

Integrated Anti-Slip Side Grips
Featuring the exclusive anti-slip texture with dragon-scale design on both sides. This allows gamers to have full control at all times.

Gaming Build Quality
Equipped with OMRON switches that last for over 50 million clicks and a gold-plated USB connector, the GM40 provides ultra-long lifespan for long-term use.

LED Dragon
The GAMING Dragon LED adds a bit of subtle bling to this solid and clean looking mouse.

Additional Information:

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Buttons 8x Mouse Switches + 1x Bottom Switch for Left / Right use
Main Buttons 2x Omron GAMING Buttons, rated for 50,000,000 Clicks
LEDs Logo LED: Breathing LED Effect
Side LED: Click Activated
Connectivity Wired, USB Type-A Plug
Cable Type Braided
Cable Length 2m (6.5")
Power USB 2.0 Bus Powered
Dimensions (LxWxH) 125 x 70 x 38mm
Weight 129g w/ Cable