Uncaged Ergonomics Electric Standing Desk Conversion Riser, Black

MX69338 Electric Standing Desk Conversion Riser, Black
MX69338 Electric Standing Desk Conversion Riser, Black

Product Info

Uncaged Ergonomics Electric Standing Desk Conversion


Sit or Stand During Your Work Day w/ A Premium, Electric Standing Desk
Electric Standing Desk Conversion is a powered standing desk conversion kit that brings ease and convenience to your work routine. It's portable, easy to use and smooth to operate.

All-electric height adjustment quickly raises and lowers monitors letting you effortlessly move between sitting and standing throughout the workday. It's a compact, elegant standing desk conversion that helps create an "active desk" environment without breaking the bank.

    Adjust your monitor from 150 ~ 1,090mm (6 ~ 43") above your desk
    Quickly move up and down with our fast, smooth motor
    Use the auto up / down arrows and store 4 of your favorite heights
  • Top Shelf:
    Size: 880 x 350mm
    Height Above Desk: 150 ~ 575mm
    Holds 1 or 2 Monitors On Top Shelf
  • Bottom Shelf:
    Size: 715 x 310mm
    Height Above Desk: 25 ~ 445mm
    Holds Keyboard and Mouse on Bottom Shelf


  • 4 Programmable Height Settings
  • Rests on top of your desk
  • No installation required
  • Simple Assembly
  • 75mm & 100mm VESA Mounts
  • Dedicated Keyboard / Mouse Tray

How To Store and Recall Memory Height Setings:

  • Plug it in and meet your new adjustable height ergonomic sit/stand desk
  • Press the up/down button to adjust the height of your desk. To use the memory setting:
    1. Press and hold the M key until the screen flashes
    2. Press the number button where you want to store the current height
  • To move the desk back to a stored height, press the matching number button


Make and Model Uncaged Ergonomics Electric Standing Desk Conversion
Part Number ESDC
Color Black
Height Above Desk Infinitely Variable Height Controlled Electronically:

Bottom Shelf: 25 ~ 445mm Above Desk
Top Shelf: 150 ~ 575mm Above Desk
Monitor VESA Mount: 240 ~ 1,000mm Above Desk
(Your Monitor will be above and below this height)

Height Controller Digital Display shows Height above desk

Electronic Controller with 7 Buttons:
Up Button
Down Button
4 Programmable Height Buttons
Memory Set Button

Weight Capacity Desktop is rated to hold up to 23kg (50 lbs)
Dimensions (LxWxH) Top Shelf: 880 x 350mm
Bottom Shelf: 715 x 310mm
Entire Unit: 880 x 520 x 750mm
Weight 22.7kg