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  • MX69338 Electric Standing Desk Conversion Riser, Black

Uncaged Ergonomics

Electric Standing Desk Conversion Riser, Black

Product Info

Uncaged Ergonomics Electric Standing Desk Conversion


Sit or Stand During Your Work Day w/ A Premium, Electric Standing Desk
Electric Standing Desk Conversion is a powered standing desk conversion kit that brings ease and convenience to your work routine. It's portable, easy to use and smooth to operate.

All-electric height adjustment quickly raises and lowers monitors letting you effortlessly move between sitting and standing throughout the workday. It's a compact, elegant standing desk conversion that helps create an "active desk" environment without breaking the bank.

    Adjust your monitor from 150 ~ 1,090mm (6 ~ 43") above your desk
    Quickly move up and down with our fast, smooth motor
    Use the auto up / down arrows and store 4 of your favorite heights
  • Top Shelf:
    Size: 880 x 350mm
    Height Above Desk: 150 ~ 575mm
    Holds 1 or 2 Monitors On Top Shelf
  • Bottom Shelf:
    Size: 715 x 310mm
    Height Above Desk: 25 ~ 445mm
    Holds Keyboard and Mouse on Bottom Shelf


  • 4 Programmable Height Settings
  • Rests on top of your desk
  • No installation required
  • Simple Assembly
  • 75mm & 100mm VESA Mounts
  • Dedicated Keyboard / Mouse Tray

How To Store and Recall Memory Height Setings:

  • Plug it in and meet your new adjustable height ergonomic sit/stand desk
  • Press the up/down button to adjust the height of your desk. To use the memory setting:
    1. Press and hold the M key until the screen flashes
    2. Press the number button where you want to store the current height
  • To move the desk back to a stored height, press the matching number button


Make and Model Uncaged Ergonomics Electric Standing Desk Conversion
Part Number ESDC
Color Black
Height Above Desk Infinitely Variable Height Controlled Electronically:

Bottom Shelf: 25 ~ 445mm Above Desk
Top Shelf: 150 ~ 575mm Above Desk
Monitor VESA Mount: 240 ~ 1,000mm Above Desk
(Your Monitor will be above and below this height)

Height Controller Digital Display shows Height above desk

Electronic Controller with 7 Buttons:
Up Button
Down Button
4 Programmable Height Buttons
Memory Set Button

Weight Capacity Desktop is rated to hold up to 23kg (50 lbs)
Dimensions (LxWxH) Top Shelf: 880 x 350mm
Bottom Shelf: 715 x 310mm
Entire Unit: 880 x 520 x 750mm
Weight 22.7kg