Startech 12U Wall-Mount Server Rack, 12 to 20in

MX68973 12U Wall-Mount Server Rack, 12 to 20in
MX68973 12U Wall-Mount Server Rack, 12 to 20in MX68973 12U Wall-Mount Server Rack, 12 to 20in MX68973 12U Wall-Mount Server Rack, 12 to 20in

Product Info

12U Wall-Mount Server Rack - 12 to 20 in. Depth

Mount your server or networking equipment to the wall, using this adjustable 12U open frame rack

This open-frame wall-mount server rack provides 12U of storage, helping you to save space and stay organized. The equipment rack features an adjustable depth and can hold a total of up to 198 lb. (90 kg).

  • Accommodate larger devices with adjustable frame
  • Free up space by mounting your equipment on the wall
  • Comes in a flat-pack, for easy transport
  • Easy installation with mounting holes spaced 12 and 16 in. apart to match standard wall studs
  • Comes in a flat-pack making it easy to transport
  • Open frame provides passive cooling for equipment
  • Perfect for installing network switches out of the way and high up on a wall in a branch office, warehouse, or superstore location
  • Mount audio/video broadcast or distribution components
  • Ideal for small and medium businesses requiring small rack solutions dispersed throughout the organization


Easy, Hassle-free Installation

With adjustable depth to as low as 12 in. (30.4 cm) this network rack is perfect for smaller spaces. It's easy to assemble and features wall-mounting holes that are spaced 12 and 16 in. apart, making it suitable for mounting on almost any wall, based on North American wall-frame stud-spacing standards. The wall-mount rack comes in a flat-pack, which makes it easy to transport and saves you money on shipping.

Accommodate Larger Devices

The open-frame rack adjusts from 12 to 20 in. (30.4 to 50.8 cm) to accommodate larger data, network, and telecommunication devices. The above-average depth also gives you the option to mount shelves and other accessories.

Free Up Space

When space is limited you can mount the open-frame rack on a server room wall, office, or above a doorway, to expand your workspace and ensure your equipment is easy to access.

Keep Your Equipment Cool and Accessible

The rack's open frame design ensures passive cooling for your rack-mounted equipment. Additionally, the open frame provides easy access to your equipment and makes it easier to configure mounted devices, which saves you time.

The RK12WALLOA is backed by a 5-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.


Product 12U Wall-Mount Server Rack
Part Number RK12WALLOA
Colour Black
Industry Standards EIA RS310-D
Frame Type Open frame
Ladder Type L-Shape
Mounting Holes Square
Number and Type of Included Cage Nuts 48 x M6
Rack Type 2-post
Weight Capacity (Stationary) 90kg (198.9 lbs)
Mount Type Wall mount
Wall-mountable Yes
Adjustable Mounting Rails Yes
U Height 12U
U Markings Yes
Minimum Mounting Depth 12" (30.5 cm)
Maximum Mounting Depth 20" (50.8 cm)
Enclosure Type Heavy duty steel
Certifications RoHS compliant
Dimensions (WxHxL) 19.8" x 25.2" x 12" (504 x 641 x 305 mm)
Weight 16kg (35.4 lbs)

Package Contents

  • StarTech 12U Wall-Mount Server Rack:
    • 2 x Vertical Rails
    • 2 x Front Horizontal Brackets
    • 2 x Rear Horizontal Brackets
    • 48 x M6 Screws
    • 48 x M6 Cage Nuts
    • 48 x Plastic Washers
    • 16 x assembly screws
    • 24 x Flat Washers
    • 24 x Bolts
  • Instruction Manual