AMD A6-9500 APU, 3.5GHz w/ 1MB Cache

MX68406 A6-9500 APU, 3.5GHz w/ 1MB Cache
MX68406 A6-9500 APU, 3.5GHz w/ 1MB Cache MX68406 A6-9500 APU, 3.5GHz w/ 1MB Cache

Product Info

AMD A6 Series Lets You Play Games and Be Productive


AMD 7th Gen A-Series Processors Work For Youfeature
New AMD 7th Generation AMD A6 Series Processors, like this one, provide exceptional processing power and world-class gaming with the same Radeon™ graphics DNA found in the world's leading game consoles.

And this option leverages AMD's advanced, future-ready AM4 platform that accommodates upgrades all the way to the incredibly powerful Ryzen™ 7 1800X series processor with 8 Cores / 16 Threads!

AMD A6-9500 3.5GHz Dual-Core Processor

  • 3.5GHz Clock Rate / 3.8GHz Turbo Core Clock Rates
  • Integrated Radeon™ R7 GPU: 384 Shaders @ 1,029MHz
  • Elite Performance for Computing and Gaming
  • Elite Entertainment w/ Discrete Graphics Performance
  • The AM4 Socket is Designed for Easy Upgrades to larger processors later on


Get Playing

AMD's 7th Gen A-Series Processor lineup offers World Class Gaming with integrated Radeon™ Graphics; even without the additional costs associated with a discrete Video Card and a matching larger Power Supply.

Unlocked & Upgradable

All 7th Gen A-Series and Athlon Processors are Multiplier Unlocked, so with enhanced cooling solutions you can overclock1 you way to enhanced processor clock rates for even more performance.

AMD Ryzen: Future-Proofed Upgrade Path

The advanced socket AM4 platform is ready for more advanced, way more powerful processors including the latest Ryzen™ processors so you can upgrade just your processor and keep your existing Motherboard, RAM and Storage.


General Info  
Model Number A6-9500
Cores 2 Processor Cores + 6 GPU Cores
Base Frequency 3.5GHz
Turbo Frequency 3.8GHz
Clock Multiplier Unlocked Processor
Cache Data  
L1 Cache 96KB Shared Instruction Cache, 2x 32KB Data Caches
L2 Cache 1MB Shared Cache
L3 Cache None
Memory Controller Processor Integrated
Memory Supported Up to DDR4-2400MHz Unregistered DIMMs
Memory Channels 2
Bandwidth 38.4GB/second
Integrated Graphics  
Radeon GPU R5
GPU Cores 384 Shaders
GPU Clock 1,029MHz
Max Temp. 90.0° C
TDP 65W Thermal Design Power
Process Technology 28nm
Packaging Socket AM4, Socket PGA-1331
  1. AMD's product warranty does not cover damages caused by overclocking, even when overclocking is enabled via AMD hardware.