Ubiquiti airFiber 24 Point-to-Point Gigabit Radio, 24 GHz

MX68363 airFiber 24 Point-to-Point Gigabit Radio, 24 GHz
MX68363 airFiber 24 Point-to-Point Gigabit Radio, 24 GHz MX68363 airFiber 24 Point-to-Point Gigabit Radio, 24 GHz MX68363 airFiber 24 Point-to-Point Gigabit Radio, 24 GHz MX68363 airFiber 24 Point-to-Point Gigabit Radio, 24 GHz

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Ubiquiti 24GHz airFiber® 24 Wireless: 1.5+ Gbps w/ 13+ km Range

featureThe airFiber®24 is ideal for high speed 1.3Gbps outdoor, PtP bridging and carrier-class network backhauls sent and received effortlessly through otherwise busy airwaves on the international 24 GHz Unlicensed Band.

Spectral Efficiency Breakthrough

airFiber® implements the most efficient use of unlicensed-band spectrum; a vital attribute in increasingly crowded RF environments. By employing a unique dual-antenna design and proprietary self-interference cancellation algorithms, airFiber extracts more usable channels out of the available spectrum than any other comparable radio system.

airFiber's built-in configuration tool guides the selection of RF channel bandwidths, transmit power, and other parameters to minimize interference potential and optimize link budgets.

Revolutionary Performance


Designed to be a high-performance backhaul, the airFiber®24 delivers amazing wireless throughput of up to 1.4+ Gbps, surpassing conventional wired backhauls.

Proven Links out to 13+ km


Robust enough to perform in the harshest RF noise environments, the airFiber®24 delivers superior performance with efficiency over real-world, 13+ km links.

Low-Latency Carrier Backhaul


The airFiber®24 supports FDD (Frequency Division Duplexing) in full-duplex mode for <1 ms latency, resulting in increased efficiency for carrier-class network backhauls.

24 GHz Unlicensed Band


The airFiber®24 operates in worldwide, license-free, 24 GHz frequencies. Users can deploy airFiber24 almost anywhere they choose*
*Placement subject to local country regulations...



Sub-ms Latency w/ Best Unlicensed Band & 15.9 bps/Hz Spectral Efficiency

Innovative Design, RF Agilityfeature
airFiber provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing independently selectable, asymmetric TX/RX channel bandwidths and selectable TX/RX frequencies wherever spectrum is available and without being locked into predetermined FDD channel pairs.

Split-frequency TDD operation facilitates maximum versatility in avoiding interference in today's crowded bands.

Channel width flexibility allows you to independently configure TX and RX channel widths (10/20/30/40/50 MHz) and place them anywhere within the radio band to suit your link.

Powerful Multi-Mode Duplexing

airFiber® supports all duplexing modes: TDD, FDD, and Ubiquiti's patented HDD – no other radio system provides this level of flexibility.

Ubiquiti's proprietary protocol enables time-synchronous packet transmission, resulting in the lowest possible, sub ms latency – vital for backhaul performance.

Line-Rate Packet Processing

Ubiquiti's custom silicon, our proprietary INVICTUS™ core communications processing engine, powers airFiber® to process 2+ million packets per second.

Clean Power Output

Using digital pre-distortion compensation and multi-IFFT processing, airFiber® delivers the cleanest output spectrum for unlicensed-band radio systems. This reduces the potential impact on the RF noise environment and allows for the use of higher-order modulation, such as 1024QAM.

20 Gbps (Aggregate) Performance

airFiber® operates as a high-performance wireless backhaul; its GPS-synchronized framing support enables up to 20 Gbps of aggregate throughput across thousands of base stations.

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Product Contents



Make and Model Ubiquiti 24 GHz Full Duplex Point-to-Point Gigabit Radio
Part Number AF-24
Operating Frequency 24.05 ~ 24.25GHz
Throughput Up to 1.5+ Gbps
Wireless Range Up to 13+ km
Packets per Second > 1,000,000 pps
Encryption 128 Bit AES
Uplink / Downlink Ratio 50% Fixed
Latency Full Duplex: < 200 μs at Full Throughput
Half Duplex: < 2 ms at Full Throughput
Antenna Gain Tx Gain: 33dBi
RX Gain: 38dbi
Beamwidth < 3.5°
Front to Back Ratio 70dB
Polarity Dual Slant Polarization
Cross Polarity > 28 db Isolation
Modulation 64QAM MIMO
Ports Data: 1x RJ45 Gigabit Port
Configuration: 1x RJ45 100Mbps Port
Auxiliary: 1x RJ-12 Alignment Tone Port
Certificates CE, FCC, IC
Power Adapter External PoE Power Adapter
PoE Output: 50Vdc @ 1.2A, 60W
Power Consumption Up to 40W
Dimensions Radio: 938 x 468 x 281.4mm
Box: 1042 x 573 x 502.0mm
Weight Radio w/ Mount: 16kg
Box: 26.5kg