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  • MX68332 Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 1900X Processor, 3.8 GHz, 20MB Cache
  • MX68332 Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 1900X Processor, 3.8 GHz, 20MB Cache

Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 1900X Processor, 3.8 GHz, 20MB Cache

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Customer Reviews

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A good system update

11/26/2017 4:38:14 AM
Rad from Alberta writes:
- 8 core / 16 thread processor - Base clock of 3.8 GHz. - Handles large 3D CAD files and encodes video project files with ease.
- The operating system.
The only thing that is holding back the full enjoyment of this piece of hardware is the OS. Coming from an Intel i7-3820 system, this processor is a joy to use, when the OS is co-operating.

Great Processor!

10/2/2017 7:13:38 PM
Daniel I from Winnipeg writes:
Cleans my old i7-6700K's clock for system performance/responsiveness, and really appreciated the extra bit of customization that Ryzen Master offers. For me, setting Memory Access Mode to Local improved game play, and I haven't needed to adjust Legacy Compatibility Mode yet (so all cores enabled). Base clock is 3.8Mhz, but I always see it fluctuating between 3.9-4.1Mhz... No overclocking required or attempted yet.
None that I've found yet.
I'm not seeing the full potential of this chip yet as the DDR4 I'm using is @ 2133 (looking into a 3200 kit soon), but despite that it is already proving a more responsive system that what I was getting out of my i7-6700K. I also really appreciate the 64 PCIe lanes, and never again having to fart around with compromises like which M2 slot will be disabled if I plug another PCIe device in.
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