Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headset w/ Mic, Black

MX68208 BackBeat PRO 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headset w/ Mic, Black
MX68208 BackBeat PRO 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headset w/ Mic, Black MX68208 BackBeat PRO 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headset w/ Mic, Black MX68208 BackBeat PRO 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headset w/ Mic, Black MX68208 BackBeat PRO 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headset w/ Mic, Black

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Submitted on Thursday, July 12, 2018
By Craig
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

For the price they are decent noise canceling headphones, block out most background noise when noise cancellation is on, but anything above a background noise can be head. The mic is ok but it definitely picks up a lot of noise, works for phone calls, not great for gaming/comms as a lot of background noise gets picked up Definitely useful if you travel on planes a lot, gets rid of that background noise and mostly cancels out any nearby children while given you decent sound quality

Weaknesses of the product

Obviously these are not as good as bose qc's but they are less than half the price so you can't go in expecting the noise cancellation of the qc line up, if you just want good noise cancellation there are better options Sound quality is not great, some $100 audio techs m50's would be better if you just want some decent sound quality

Additional Comments

These offer a decent mix of sound quality and noise cancellation, not great at either but for the price they are not bad. I like that the main negative review is just from someone not understanding how Bluetooth works, probably should have looked that up before buying Bluetooth headphones. But if you have anything with Bluetooth these work fine, it is kind of annoying that if you paired it with multiple devices then they can cut in/out between them any time they make noise (not a problem specific to these headphones, happens to any Bluetooth headset), so I'd recommend shutting off the Bluetooth on any devices that you do not want connected to the headphones while using them


Submitted on Thursday, April 05, 2018
By Adam
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

Awesome bang for the buck in terms of sound quality. Great battery life.

Weaknesses of the product

Active noise cancelling isn't as good as more expensive competition. When paired with 2 devices, it sometimes pops or interrupts the sound playing from one, even though there is nothing going on with the second device. I've got them paired with my phone and iPad and have resorted to turning off the bluetooth of the device I'm not connected to in order to stop this.

Additional Comments

Really good headphones, especially at the sale price.

Does not work with PC

Submitted on Thursday, February 15, 2018
By Josh
From Edmonton

Strengths of the product

Great sound for headphones, huge range,

Weaknesses of the product

Only works with cellular phones and limited computer devices. Spent 4 hours with our IT department trying to get them to connect.
Called Plantronics support; they told me to buy a $60 adapter to make it work. I would have paid that up front had I known, but will be returning this and buying something else.

Additional Comments

For the enormous waste of time, resources, and money, ya get a 1. Knowing it doesn't work up front would have prevented all of this, especially with how quickly Plantronics suport told me I needed extra hardware.
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