Asus ZenFone 4, 64GB, Midnight Black

MX68073 ZenFone 4, 64GB, Midnight Black
MX68073 ZenFone 4, 64GB, Midnight Black MX68073 ZenFone 4, 64GB, Midnight Black MX68073 ZenFone 4, 64GB, Midnight Black MX68073 ZenFone 4, 64GB, Midnight Black

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IT manager

Submitted on Friday, May 10, 2019
By Taja
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

based on the parallel product, Zenfone 4 Max, first off excellent battery life. gives days of talk time going away for a week or weekend, no worries, the battery life is great. i have repeatedly talked on the phone all day/and night for 2 days at work and only had to charge it after the second day. reception is very good, my phone and the others that i have purchased usually operate in the 4g band, only seemingly dropping out of 4g when in rural areas and then the call quality is still very good. the dual sims are fantastic, on the 4Max that we provide corporately, we supply one sim for the staff and staff are installing their own sim in the second slot. What is appreciated is that the sims are both active at the same time, on the same carrier or different carrier. You can also select which one to use to place a call and which one to use for can also have one sim forward to the other if you need too...

Weaknesses of the product

Camera is ok, but the video quality is better. cases can be hard to find but i have found very rugged ones online

Additional Comments

excellent value for money, camera is good (video is better) audio quality is very good the screen is very good giving 720i to watch the occasional movie (for the kids) touch on the screen is very responsive built in FM tuner is good, playing stored music even better, streamed online is also very good google maps is VERY fast on the device and accurate, much better that my wife's IPhone updates from Nougat to Oreo, easy. Storage is great on its own never mind adding in a SD card. The last + i will make is the one everyone forgets, Price! yes you can buy an expensive Samsung, IPhone (and at work Executives often get those phones because it's a status symbol not because of capability) but these ones do the same for 1/4 the price. I would rather spend 3-$400.00 like i do on these phones for staff and supply long lasting feature rich device that does everything needed than buying one phone like an IPhone 7+ for a grand... Battery life is excellent call quality is excellent sound boost mode makes sitting around for a conference call easier. pretty tough, with cheap case my phone has gradually bent from being carried in my back pocket, still works cold weather operation is also very good. charges fast, on and on and on
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