Canon EOS Rebel SL2 Digital SLR Kit w/ EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens, Black

MX67506 EOS Rebel SL2 Digital SLR Kit w/ EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens, Black
MX67506 EOS Rebel SL2 Digital SLR Kit w/ EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens, Black MX67506 EOS Rebel SL2 Digital SLR Kit w/ EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens, Black MX67506 EOS Rebel SL2 Digital SLR Kit w/ EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens, Black MX67506 EOS Rebel SL2 Digital SLR Kit w/ EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens, Black

Product Info

Canon EOS Rebel SL2 DSLR Camera – Compact. Powerful. Fast.

With a compact and lightweight body, the black Canon EOS Rebel SL2 DSLR Camera provides users with a fully-featured system that won't weigh them down. Packed into the tiny body is a capable 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor and a DIGIC 7 Image Processor, both of which work together to create sharp, vivid images at native sensitivities up to ISO 25600 and extended sensitivities up to ISO 51200. Video shooting has received a boost with Full HD 1080p recording possible at up to 60 fps. The SL2 also manages some significant body upgrades, with the main addition being a 3.0" vari-angle touchscreen LCD for intuitive operation and the ability to work at odd angles with relative ease.

Create Magical Moments
Lightweight, fun and easy to use, the Canon EOS Rebel SL2 camera further proves that quality is key, helping you capture stunning photos and videos you'll love to see and share. The 24.2 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor and DIGIC 7 Image Processor deliver brilliantly sharp results, with Dual Pixel CMOS AF keeping your videos and photos in clear focus. Whether you're taking selfies or vlogging, the Vari-angle Touch Screen LCD helps capture shots at a variety of angles and situations. A Feature Assistant function is available to help guide you through a shot if needed, and when you're done you can share your creations on the spot thanks to built-in Wi-Fi®*, NFC** and Bluetooth®*** connectivity. Easy to bring and simple to operate, the EOS Rebel SL2 puts creative power in your hands.

As a DSLR, the SL2 obviously retains the optical viewfinder for fast, natural composition of your images and it can shoot continuously at speeds up to 5 fps. This setup also features a 9-point AF system for capturing tack sharp images. If you are working in Live View or shooting video, the SL2 does offer Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, providing fast, accurate focusing in these modes and with intuitive control via the touchscreen. Additionally, the SL2 has a microphone input for higher quality audio recording during movie shooting.

For those inclined to share their journeys, the SL2 features built-in Wi-Fi with NFC and Bluetooth, making connecting to a smart device fast and simple. This setup permits wireless control over camera settings as well as the ability to transfer files to your phone. The SL2 also offers a Feature Assistant to help new shooters learn how to use the camera and its functions.

Included with the camera is the EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens, a compact mid-range zoom with an equivalent range of 28.8-88mm. The lens is designed to be small, a perfect match for the SL2, and incorporates both image stabilization and STM autofocus for ensuring your photos and videos are of the highest quality.

  • 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor
  • DIGIC 7 Image Processor
  • 3" 1.04m-dot Vari-angle touchscreen LCD
  • Full HD 1080p video recording at 60 fps
  • 9-Point AF System; Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • Native ISO 25600, extended to ISO 51200
  • Up to 5 fps continuous shooting
  • Feature Assistant; Microphone input
  • Built-in Wi-Fi with NFC and Bluetooth
  • EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM lens


24.2 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) Sensor

The Canon EOS Rebel SL2 camera has a powerful 24.2 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor that can capture high-resolution images of immense quality in a wide variety of lighting situations. Take photos and videos with fine details and dynamic, rich colors from the deepest reds to emerald greens to lush blues and purples. Simply turn the camera on and feel confident that the results will be stunning whether they are being shared with your friends on social media or blown up into poster-sized prints.


Fast & Accurate Dual Pixel CMOS AF with Phase-detection

Line up the shot you want in Live View with virtually no wait for the EOS Rebel SL2 camera to focus thanks to Dual Pixel CMOS AF which helps deliver the world's fastest autofocusing speed at 0.03 sec.^ Equipped with phase-detection, it can quickly and accurately determine how far away a subject is and where the lens should focus, and offers fast, smooth and precise autofocus that stays locked onto your subject, even if they are in motion, for both photos and videos. Dual Pixel CMOS AF helps ensure your results are sharp, keeps the time it takes to lock focus onto your subject to a minimum and smoothly maintains focus where you want it.

^ Among all the interchangeable lens digital cameras incorporating the APS-C size image sensors with phase-difference detection AF on the image plane. As of June 28, 2017 (based on Canon research). Calculated based on the resulting AF speed measured according to the CIPA guidelines. (Varies depending on the shooting conditions and the lenses used.) Internal measurement method.


Vari-angle Touch Screen, 3.0-inch LCD

The EOS Rebel SL2 camera features a Vari-angle Touch Screen LCD that can be ideal for composing and reviewing your photos. Tap the screen during Live View while taking photos or videos and thanks to Dual Pixel CMOS AF, the EOS Rebel SL2 will quickly lock focus to that location in the image. Touch gestures can be used for zooming in or swiping through images after you've taken them, and menu and quick control settings can be accessed quickly and easily. In addition, the Vari-angle Touch Screen LCD lets users utilize Selfie Mode with a touch of a button so you can capture high-quality selfie shots with ease.


Built-in Wi-Fi®*, NFC, and Bluetooth Capability

Built-in Wi-Fi®* Capability
The EOS Rebel SL2 camera is designed to make connecting to Wi-Fi®* fast and easy. It can exchange data with other Wi-Fi® compatible Canon cameras, and transfer files directly to a compatible smart device using the Camera Connect app. Just press the Wi-Fi® button and the camera will connect to Wi-Fi® allowing you to share and upload directly to various web services like CANON iMAGE GATEWAY#, Facebook® and YouTube® as well as print directly to compatible wireless Canon printers.


Built-in NFC** Capability
With its built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) capability**, the EOS Rebel SL2 camera connects directly to compatible Android devices as well as Canon's Connect Station CS100 device by simply touching the NFC icon located on the camera to the device.


Built-in Bluetooth®*** Capability
Bluetooth®*** pairing helps you connect the camera to compatible smart devices using the free Canon Camera Connect app*. The Bluetooth® capability uses a low-energy connection that can be set to connect automatically upon discovery of the two devices and helps preserve battery life while maintaining a wireless connection. You can also establish a direct Wi-Fi® connection to use your phone as a viewfinder, as well as check and download previously captured photos and videos. In addition, Bluetooth® lets you connect to the optional Wireless Remote Control BR-E1 for remote shooting as well as pick up GPS shooting location data from the user's compatible smartphone.


Full HD 60p & External Microphone Input

The Canon EOS Rebel SL2 camera supports Full HD quality movies at 60p and can produce incredibly smooth moving images for playback, or for sharing videos on social media. Vloggers will appreciate the ease with which it can record quality audio that's immediately ready for uploading. For even more sophisticated sound recording, the EOS Rebel SL2 has an external microphone input to complement its internal microphone.


DIGIC 7 Image Processor, ISO 100 - 25600

The DIGIC 7 Image Processor powers the Canon EOS Rebel SL2 camera to produce high image quality and fast operation, even in in low light. When using high ISO settings, the image processing helps keep results sharp and detailed in virtually any lighting situation. Powerful all around, the DIGIC 7 Image Processor helps ensure your photos and videos look sharp and lifelike with minimal noise or grain.


Optical Viewfinder with a 9-point AF System

Especially useful when shooting in bright light, the Canon EOS Rebel SL2 camera incorporates a fully featured optical viewfinder with a wide-area, 9-point AF system designed to achieve sharp focus in an instant. This sophisticated AF system makes it easy to capture the action, no matter where the subject moves. 63-zone evaluative metering helps the EOS Rebel SL2 achieve optimal exposure with a diverse array of subjects and lighting conditions.


Feature Assistant

With its Feature Assistant function, the EOS Rebel SL2 camera helps users take advantage of its advanced features and create impressive photos with ease. By explaining and illustrating the camera's shooting modes and their effects with sample photos of each mode, Feature Assistant encourages experimentation and provides guidance for creating amazing photographs.


Small & Lightweight Body

The smallest and lightest EOS DSLR camera to feature both an APS-C sensor and a Vari-angle LCD, the EOS Rebel SL2 is easy to bring with you. With improvements in design and construction, the EOS Rebel SL2 is portable and lightweight with no compromise in performance. Its compact construction is accompanied by excellent usability, including a rounded grip that can sit comfortably in your hand. Conveniently sized for everyday use, the EOS Rebel SL2 means less missed opportunities and more memories preserved and shared in high image quality.



Type Digital AF/AE single-lens reflex camera with built-in flash
Lens Mount Canon EF mount
Compatible Lenses Canon EF lenses (including EF-S lenses, excluding EF-M lenses)
Camera Format APS-C (1.6x Crop Factor)
Image Sensor  
Type CMOS sensor (supporting Dual Pixel CMOS AF)
Pixels Effective pixels: Approx. 24.2 Megapixels
Total pixels: Approx. 25.8 Megapixels
Sensor Size 22.3 x 14.9 mm
Pixel Unit Square pixel approx. 3.72 µm
Image Stabilization N/A
Dust Reduction Self Cleaning Sensor Unit
Dust Delete Data acquisition and appending
Manual cleaning (by hand)
Aspect Ratio 3:2
Color Filter RGB primary color filters
Low Pass Filter Installed in front of the image sensor, non-detachable
Recording System  
Storage Media


- UHS-I compatible
- High-speed writing is supported when a UHS-I compatible SD card is used
- Compatible with Eye-Fi cards

Recording Format Compliant to Design rule for Camera File system 2.0 and Exif 2.3
Image Format JPEG, RAW (14-bit Canon original)
File Size 3:2 Aspect Ratio
Large: 6000 x 4000
Medium: 3984 x 2656
Small 1: 2976 x 1984
Small 2: 2400 x 1600
RAW: 6000 x 4000

16:9 Aspect Ratio
Large: 6000 x 3368
Medium: 3984 x 2240
Small 1: 2976 x 1680
Small 2: 2400 x 1344
RAW: 6000 x 4000

4:3 Aspect Ratio
Large: 5328 x 4000
Medium: 3552 x 2664
Small 1: 2656 x 1992
Small 2: 2112 x 1600
RAW: 6000 x 4000

1:1 Aspect Ratio
Large: 4000 x 4000
Medium: 2656 x 2656
Small 1: 1984 x 1984
Small 2: 1600 x 1600
RAW: 6000 x 4000

File Numbering File numbering methods
Manual reset
RAW + JPEG Simultaneous Recording Simultaneous recording is possible using a combination of RAW and JPEG/Large (Fine)
Color Space sRGB / Adobe RGB
Picture Style Auto, Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Fine Detail, Neutral, Faithful, Monochrome, User Defined 1-3
Type Eye-level SLR (with fixed pentamirror)
Coverage Approx. 95% vertical/horizontal coverage (at approx. 19mm eye point and Large image size)
Magnification Approx. 0.87x/24.5° (with 50mm lens at infinity, -1m-1 )
Eye Point Approx. 19mm (at -1 m-1 from eyepiece lens center)
Dioptric Adjustment Range Adjustable from approx. -3.0 ~ +1.0 m-1 (dpt)
Focusing Screen Fixed
Mirror Quick-return all-surface half mirror
Viewfinder Information Spot metering circle, AF point activation indicator, AF point, ISO speed indicator, Focus indicator, Maximum burst, ISO speed, Highlight tone priority, Exposure level indicator, Exposure compensation amount, AEB range, Red-eye reduction lamp ON, Exposure compensation, Aperture, Shutter speed, Bulb exposure, FE lock, Busy, Built-in flash recharging, No card warning, Card error, Card full warning, Error code, Flash exposure compensation, High-speed sync, FE lock / FEB in-progress, Flash-ready, Improper FE lock warning, AE lock, AEB in-progress, Warning icon
Depth Of Field Preview Yes, provided with depth of field preview button
Lens Aperture Automatic Aperture Control
Compatible Lenses EF-M lens (when using EF-M Mount Adapter: EF/EF-S lens group).
Equivalent to approximately 1.6x the focal length indicated on a mounted lens.
Type Vertical-travel, mechanical, focal-plane shutter with all speeds electronically-controlled
Shutter Speed 1/4000 to 30 sec.
Shutter Release Soft-touch electromagnetic release
Continuous Shooting Speed at full resolution up to 5 frames per second
Self-timer 10-sec. delay
2-sec. delay
Continuous shooting after 10 sec. (2 to 10 shots)
Shutter Lag Time With SW-1 ON, time lag between SW-2 ON and start of exposure: approx. 0.075 sec.
External Speedlite  
Flash Metering E-TTL II autoflash (Evaluative, Average), FE Lock
Flash Exposure Compensation ±2 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments
FE Lock Provided
External Flash Settings External flash control
Exposure Control  
Metering Modes 63-zone metering sensor
- Evaluative metering
- Partial metering
- Spot metering
- Center-weighted average metering
Metering Range 1 to 20 EV (at 73°F/23°C, ISO 100, evaluative metering)
Exposure Control Systems Creative Zone
- Program AE
- Shutter-priority AE
- Aperture-priority AE
- Manual exposure (including bulb)
Basic Zone
- Scene Intelligent Auto
- Flash Off
- Creative Auto
- Special Scene
- Creative Filters
ISO Speed Range Normal: ISO 100 ~ 25600
Expanded: ISO 51200
Exposure Compensation Manual: ±5 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments
AE Bracketing: ±3 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments
AE Lock Manual / Auto
ISO Sensitivity ISO 100 - 25,600
High ISO Noise Reduction Low
Active D-Lighting On
Focus / Autofocus  
Type TTL secondary image-forming phase-difference detection system with AF-dedicated sensor
Maximum Autofocus Areas/Points 9 points
Center AF point is AF cross-type supporting f/5.6
Center AF point is vertical line-sensitive supporting f/2.8
Other AF points is vertical line-sensitive or horizontal line-sensitive AF supporting f/5.6
AF Working Range With One-Shot AF, at 73°F/23°C, ISO 100
EV -0.5–18 (center AF point)
EV -0.5–18 (center AF point)
(Based on Canon's testing standards and environment)
Focus Modes Autofocus
One-Shot AF
Predictive AI Servo AF
AI Focus AF
Manual focus
AF Point Selection Manual selection
Auto selection
AF Assist Beam Enable
Enable external flash only
IR AF assist beam only
Built-in Flash Yes
Type Manual pop-up flash
Guide Number Gno. approx. 5 (ISO 100/m)
Flash Coverage Covers approx. 15mm focal length (35mm film size conversion: approx. 24mm)
Flash Compensation ±2 stops in 1/3-stop increments
Accessory Shoe Yes
Drive System  
Drive Modes Single shooting
High-speed continuous shooting
Silent single shooting
Silent continuous shooting
Self-timer: 10 sec./ remote control
2 sec. self-timer
Continuous shooting after 10 sec. self-timer (2 to 10 shots)
Live View Functions  
Shooting Modes Still photo shooting and video shooting
Focusing Dual Pixel CMOS AF
Manual focus
Metering Modes Real-time metering with image sensor
- Evaluative metering (315-zone)
- Partial metering (center, approx. 6.0% of Live View screen)
- Spot metering (center, approx. 2.6% of Live View screen)
- Center-weighted average metering
Metering Range EV 0–20 (at 73°F/23°C, ISO 100, evaluative metering)
Grid Display Off
3x3 + diag
White Balance  
White Balance Auto
Day Light
Tungsten light
White fluorescent light
Video Shooting  
File Format MP4
Movie Video Compression Video: MPEG-4 AVC / H.264
Audio: MPEG-4 AAC
Recording Sizes 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
1280 x 720 (HD)
640 x 480 (VGA)
Movie Frame Rates Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 / 60 fps
Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 / 30 fps
Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 / 24 fps
HD 1,280 x 720 / 60 fps
HD 1,280 x 720 / 30 fps
VGA 640 x 480 / 60 fps
VGA 640 x 480 / 30 fps
Focusing Dual Pixel CMOS AF
Manual focus
Range Full range (0–255)
Movie Audio Built-in microphone
Exposure Compensation Provided (±3 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments)
LCD Display  
Type TFT color, liquid-crystal tilt-type LCD
Monitor Size 3.0 in.
Touch Screen Yes
Coverage Approx. 170° vertically and horizontally
Pixels Approx. 1.04 million
Monitor Adjustment Brightness Control: adjustable to one of seven brightness levels
Coating Clear View LCD II
Display Formats Single-image display
- No information display
- Basic information display
- Detailed shooting information display
Index display (4-, 9-, 36-, 100-image)
Highlight Alert Yes, with detailed information display, overexposed highlight areas with no image data will blink
Histogram Brightness and RGB
Direct Printing  
Compatible Printers Images can be sent via Wi-Fi® to a PictBridge-compatible (Wireless LAN) printer and printed
Digital Print Order Format Compliant to DPOF Version 1.1
Custom Functions 11 Custom Functions settable with the camera
Custom Controls Functions can be assigned to the following control parts:
- Shutter button (halfway pressing
- AE lock button
- SET button
My Menu Registration Up to six items from the menu items and the top-tier items of Custom Functions can be registered to each tab
Up to five My Menu tabs can be added
Languages 25 (English, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Ukraine, Turkish, Arabic, Thai, Simplified / Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese)
Wi-Fi® Standards IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Transmission Method DS-SS modulation (IEEE 802.11b)
OFDM modulation (IEEE 802.11g/n)
Transmission Range Approx. 15 m / 49.2 ft.
Transition Frequency Frequency: 2412-2462 MHz
Channels: 1-11 channels
Connection Method Camera Access Point Mode and Infrastructure mode
Security Authentication method: Open system, Shared key, WPA/WPA2-PSK
Encryption: WEP, TKIP, AES
Communication with a Smartphone Images can be viewed, controlled, and received using a smartphone.
Remote control of the camera using a smartphone is possible.
Images can be sent to a smartphone.
Connect to Connect Station Images can be sent to and saved on Connect Station
Remote Operation Using EOS Utility Remote control functions and image viewing functions of EOS Utility can be used wirelessly
Print from Wi-Fi® Printers Images can be sent to a Wi-Fi® printer
NFC Standards NFC Forum Type 3/4 Tag compliant (dynamic)
Bluetooth® Standards Bluetooth® Specification Version 4.1 compliant (Bluetooth® low energy technology)
Transmission Method GFSK modulation
USB Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0)
Video Out Type C (Resolution switches automatically)
Extension System Terminal 3.5mm diameter stereo mini jack
(Directional Stereo Microphone DM-E1 connection)
Wi-Fi Yes, built-in Wi-Fi
Bluetooth Yes, built-in Bluetooth Specification Version 4.1
NFC Yes, built-in NFC capability
Power Source  
Battery LP-E17 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
Battery Life Viewfinder shooting:
AE 100%: up to 840 shots
AE 50% / FA 50%: up to 650 shots
Live View shooting:
AE 100%: up to 290 shots
AE 50% / FA 50%: up to 260 shots
Battery Charger LC-E17 Charger
Battery Check Automatic battery check when the power switch is turned ON. Displayed in 4 levels.
Power Saving Power turns off after the set time (10/30 or 30 sec., 1, 2, 4, 8 or 15 min.) of non-operation elapses.
Date/Time Battery Built-in secondary battery When fully-charged, the date/time can be maintained for approx. 3 months
Recharge time: approx. 8 hrs.
Start-up Time Approx. 0.2 sec. (based on CIPA testing standards)
Operating Environment  
Working Temperature 32-104°F / 0-40°C
Working Humidity 85% or less
Dimensions and Weight  
Dimensions (LxWxH) Approx. 122.4 x 92.6 x 69.8 mm (4.82" x 3.65" x 2.75")
Weight Approx. 406g (camera body only)
Approx. 453g (including battery, memory card)
Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens
Mount Type EF-M Mount Adapter: EF/EF-S lens group
Focal Length Range 18 - 55 mm
Comparable 35mm Focal Length: 28.8 - 88 mm
Zoom Ratio Approx. 3.0x
Maximum Aperture f/ 4-5.6
Minimum Aperture N/A
Format APS-C
Angle of View 74°20' - 27°50'
Lens Elements 12
Lens Groups 10
Focus Adjustment AF with full-time manual
Autofocus Yes
Image Stabilization Yes
Focus Mode Auto / Manual
Aspherical Elements N/A
Minimum Focus Distance 0.82 ft. (0.25m)
Filter Thread Front: 58 mm (2.3")
Dimensions (DxL) Approx. 66.5 x 61.8 mm (2.62" x 2.43")
Weight Approx. 215g

* Compatible with iOS® versions 8.4/9.3/10.2, Android™ smartphone and tablet versions 4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4/5.0/5.1/6.0/7.0/7.1. Data charges may apply with the download of the free Canon Camera Connect app. This app helps enable you to upload images to social media services. Please note that image files may contain personally identifiable information that may implicate privacy laws. Canon disclaims and has no responsibility for your use of such images. Canon does not obtain, collect or use such images or any information included in such images through this app.

** Compatible with Android™ smartphone and tablet versions 4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4/5.0/5.1/6.0/7.0/7.1.

*** Compatible with select smartphone and tablet devices (Android™ version 5.0 or later and the following iOS® devices: iPhone 4s or later, iPad 3rd gen. or later, iPod Touch 5th gen. or later) equipped with Bluetooth® version 4.0 or later and the Camera Connect App Ver. 2.0.40. This application is not guaranteed to operate on all listed devices, even if minimum requirements are met.

Package Contents

  • Canon EOS Rebel SL2 Camera Body
  • Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens
  • Battery Pack LP-E17
  • Battery Charger LC-E17
  • Wide Strap EW-400D
  • Eyecup Ef
  • Instruction Manuals