Logitech Snowball iCE Microphone, Black

MX67424 Snowball iCE Microphone, Black
MX67424 Snowball iCE Microphone, Black MX67424 Snowball iCE Microphone, Black MX67424 Snowball iCE Microphone, Black

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Friday, October 30, 2020
By: Michael B
From: Calgary, AB

Works Great


Looks nice, and is really easy to setup literally just plug it in. I usually have it sitting about 2 feet away from me and it picks up my voice just fine. Does not require any additional software.


It would be nice if there was an on/off switch on the microphone.

Additional Comments:

Nice microphone over all, sound quality is good and it picks up my voice from a fair distance. The stand is not adjustable so it does sit quite high, I keep it off to the side otherwise it would block a bit of the screen. micro-usb connecter at the back does not seem like the best construction. Definitely not the kind of mic to be packing up and taking with you wherever you go,
Sunday, August 30, 2020
By: Hagar
From: Edmonton

Not good for video conferencing


Easy set-up - just plug in the USB cable Inexpensive for what should be a high-end microphone


Does not work at a distance well at all...this is the biggest issue. I wanted to put it on my desk behind my keyboard and use it for VC but it is about 12 inches from my mouth in that position. It doesn't work well until you're about 2-3 inches away. That means you need to mount it on a boom and put it right in front of your face...but if you're video conferencing, then you don't want this giant ball in front of your face...so it fails at what I wanted to use it for.

Additional Comments:

Not good for VC, sound wasn't noticeably better than built-in mic until you're 2 inches away - even then it wasn't great. If you're doing strictly audio podcasts, etc...then it might be okay if you have it in front of your face, but if you want to stream video too...that could be a problem.
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