Dr. Battery AC20V65V2 Notebook Adapter, 90W

MX66435 AC20V65V2 Notebook Adapter, 90W
MX66435 AC20V65V2 Notebook Adapter, 90W

Product Info

Dr. Battery's 45W / 65W Slim PC Power Adapter For LENOVO PCs

featureSpecially designed to complement LENOVO's premium portable PCs, the 45W slim power adapter is compact, so you can easily take it with you anywhere.

Even though its light, it still provides energy-efficient and reliable battery charging at a reasonable price.

For convenience, it's priced low enough to keep one at home in your office and another one at work so you never have to carry it with your Laptop.


  • Replacement power adapter for popular laptops listed below
  • Works as a second power adapter for laptops that spend time at two regular locations, like home and office.
  • Allows you to stop carrying your power adapter back and forth every day
  • Holds many international certifications


Designed for these Lenovo Computers:

100s Chromebook 100S Chromebook 11" 80QN 100S Chromebook-11IBY
100S Chromebook-11IBY 80QN0009US Chromebook 100S - 11IBR Chromebook N21
Chromebook N21 11.6 Chromebook N21 80MG0000US Chromebook N21 80MG0001US
Chromebook N22 Chromebook N22 80SF0000US Chromebook N22 80SF0001US
Chromebook N22 80VH0000US Chromebook N22 80VH0001US Flex 4 - 1480
Flex 4 - 1580 Flex 4 - 1130(#80U3) Flex 4 - 1130 80U30000US
Flex 4 - 1130 80U30001US Flex 4 - 1130 80U30002US Flex 4 - 1130 80U30003US
Flex 4 - 1435(#80SC) Flex 4 - 1470 Series Flex 4 - 1570 Series
Flex 4 - 1580 80VE0000US Flex 4 - 1580 80VE0003US Flex 4 - 1580 80VE000CUS
Flex 4 - 1580 80VE000EUS IdeaPad 100 Series  


Input Voltage 100 ~ 240VAC / 50 - 60Hz
Output Voltage +19Vdc @ 4.7A
Total Output 90W
Output Connector 1 x Fixed E-Tip connector
Dimensions N/A
Net Weight N/A

Package Contents

  • 1 x Dr. Battery DR19V470E external laptop power adapter
  • AC Power Cable