PNY Quadro GP100 16GB PCI-E w/ DVI, Quad DP

MX66142 Quadro GP100 16GB PCI-E w/ DVI, Quad DP
MX66142 Quadro GP100 16GB PCI-E w/ DVI, Quad DP MX66142 Quadro GP100 16GB PCI-E w/ DVI, Quad DP MX66142 Quadro GP100 16GB PCI-E w/ DVI, Quad DP

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Product Info

NVIDIA Quadro GP100: Unmatched Power; Unmatched Freedom


The World’s Most Powerful Workstation Graphics & Compute Card
The NVIDIA Quadro GP100, powered by NVIDIA’s Pascal GPU architecture, is equipped with the most advanced visualization and simulation capabilities to meet the needs of the most demanding professional workflows.

A single NVIDIA GP100 GPU with 3,580 FP32/1792 FP64 CUDA Cores has incredible horsepower to render photorealistic design concepts interactively, create extremely detailed 3D models, run intensive CAE simulations to validate designs, and evaluate design prototypes in immersive VR.

You can even connect two GP100’s with NVIDIA NVLink technology to scale performance with an amazing 32GB of combined HBM2 ultra-high bandwidth memory.

Designs Are Becoming More Complex

Media is becoming richer, higher fidelity, combining greater resolutions and complex visual effects. Scientific visualization and compute problems are larger than ever. NVIDIA Quadro Sync II compatibility enables the GP100 to build massive and sophisticated visualization, simulation and rendering environments. VR is changing all facets of entertainment, design, engineering, architecture and medicine.

AI and deep learning are changing the way professionals are solving the most complex and challenging computing problems. Customers want to experience ideas, validate designs, test ideas, and simulate solutions and visualize the results as quickly as possible.

The GP100 is an excellent choice for developers who want to tap into the power of NVLink and Unified Memory to maximize their application performance. Additionally, its fast FP16 performance makes it an ideal desktop workstation solution for developers working on the latest Deep Learning/AI algorithms and frameworks.


  • 16GB HBM2 Video RAM w/ 717 GB/s Memory Bandwidth
  • 3,584 Cuda Cores for Maximum Performance
  • FP16 Peak Double Precision Performance: 20.7 TFLOPS
  • FP32 Peak Double Precision Performance: 10.3 TFLOPS
  • FP64 Peak Double Precision Performance: 5.2 TFLOPS
  • 4x Mini DisplayPort 1.4 ports, 1x DVI port
  • DirectX 12.0, Shader Model 5.1, OpenGL 4.5 & Vulkan 1.0

Manufacturing Solutions:

  • The Quadro GP100 can run FEA, CFD, CEM, and other GPU accelerated analysis codes faster. With 16GB of HBM memory, larger simulations can fit into GPU memory. Users can connect two GP100 cards with NVLink to provide 32GB of HBM memory to run the largest simulations
  • NVIDIA’s Pascal GPU technology enables the GP100 to run compute and graphics tasks simultaneously, allowing users to run simulations and create 3D models at the same time
  • Quadro GP100 supports multiple displays at up to 5K resolution
  • Use real-world physics, lighting, and materials during interactive design and visualize with photo-realistic image quality
  • Integrate simulation during design with finer time-steps, more depth of field, larger assemblies, and more detail in components
  • NVIDIA Iray plug-ins enable designers to visualize designs with photorealistic image quality using physically based lights and materials as an integrated part of their workflow
  • Combine two GP100 cards with NVLink to provide incredible rendering power for the largest, most demanding rendering workloads
  • Create immersive VR environments with larger, more complex designs that can be experienced at scale, complete with virtual audio and touch integration
  • GP100 GPU support for deep learning software enables designers to take advantage of next-generation generative design technology, creating optimal designs rapidly through machine learning

Display Features:

NVIDIA Quadro MOSAIC Technology
Transparently scale the desktop and applications across up to 4 GPUs and 16 displays from a single workstation while delivering full performance and image quality.

DisplayPort 1.4
Support up to four 5K monitors at 60Hz, or dual 8K displays per card. Quadro GP100 supports HDR color for 4K at 60Hz for 10/12b HEVC decode and up to 4K at 60Hz for 10b HEVC encode. Each DisplayPort connector is capable of driving ultra-high resolutions of 4096 x 2160 at 120 Hz with 30-bit color.

NVIDIA NVIEW Advanced Desktop Software
Gain unprecedented end-user control of the desktop experience for increased productivity in single large display or multi-display environments.

NVIDIA Quadro Sync II
Synchronize the display and image output of up to 32 displays from 8 GPUs (connected through two Quadro Sync II boards) in a single system, reducing the number of machines needed to create an advanced video visualization environment.

Frame Lock Connector Latch
Each frame lock connector is designed with a self-locking retention mechanism to secure its connection with the frame lock cable to provide robust connectivity and maximum productivity.

OpenGL Quad Buffered Stereo Support
Provide a smooth and immersive 3D Stereo experience for professional applications.

Ultra High Resolution Desktop Support
Get more MOSAIC topology choices with high resolution displays devices with a 32K Max desktop size.

Professional 3D Stereo Synchronization
Robust control of stereo effects through a dedicated connection to directly synchronize 3D stereo hardware to a Quadro graphics card.

System Requirements

Server PC with:

  • Intel® Core™ i5, i7, Xeon, etc. or
    AMD Phenom or Opteron-class, etc.
  • PCIe x16 Gen 3 expansion slot
  • 2GB+ System Memory, 8GB Recommended
  • 200MB Available Storage for full Drivers
  • Blu-ray or DVD-ROM drive for Drivers
  • Internet connection (if preferred for driver installation)
  • DisplayPort or DVI Compatible Display(s)


Chipset NVIDIA Quadro GP100
Stream Processors 3,584 Cuda Cores
Memory 16,384MB HBM2 Video RAM
Memory Clock N/A
Memory Interface 4,096 bit
Memory Bandwidth 717 GB/sec
DisplayPort 4x Mini DisplayPort v1.4
1x DVI port
Bus Interface PCI Express 3.0 x16
Cooling Ultra-quiet active fansink
Maximum Power Draw 235 Watts
Dimensions & Weight  
Dimensions (LxH) 266 x 112mm
Weight N/A

Package Contents

  • 1x NVIDIA Quadro GP100 Workstation Graphics Card, 16GB HBM2
  • Stereo Connector Bracket
  • Three DisplayPort to DVI-D SL Adapters
  • Auxiliary power cable
  • Software installation disc for Windows® 10, 8.x & 7
  • Printed Quick Start Guide