LG Ultra-Slim Portable 8x DVD Writer, USB 2.0, Black

MX65076 Ultra-Slim Portable 8x DVD Writer, USB 2.0, Black
MX65076 Ultra-Slim Portable 8x DVD Writer, USB 2.0, Black

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Monday, December 14, 2020
From: Calgary

Not Recommend


Slim and portable.


Not as reliable as SATA connected full size CD/DVD drive. Not sure if this is common issue with this type of slim USB CD/DVD drive: My particular LG DVD drive failed to be recognized by Windows installation screens saying there's no detectable drive. (I installed my windows 7 exactly the same way about 2 years ago when I first bought the LG (USB) DVD drive) But, BIOS recognized there is such a drive, though!!!??? SO... Recognized but not functional...

Additional Comments:

Not sure if this is common for the USB connection type DVD Drives. If so, i would not recommend to buy. Simply open your TOWER and plug in the SATA type DVD Drives, if you are using desktop. For laptop users... I wish you have better luck then me :> Note: I owned this LG DVD drive for about 2 years. Usage hours about 100 hours: Installed window 7 with it once or twice. The rest time is for watching DVD. Never used it for burning any CD or DVD. Get a proper SATA DVD drive if possible. It's 10 times more durable and trouble free from my experience. (I build my own computer from scratch since 2002. Not a techy guy but I know my drives.)
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