Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard, Black

MX64646 K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard, Black
MX64646 K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard, Black MX64646 K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard, Black MX64646 K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard, Black MX64646 K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard, Black

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I was forgiving till i dealt with customer service.

Submitted on Saturday, May 25, 2019
By Ian
From Edmonton

Strengths of the product

Looked cool, Comfy.

Weaknesses of the product

Lasted just over a month before a large segment of the keyboard stopped working. Reached out to Corsair support, where they proceeded to: - delay for 3 days, - told me to run a firmware reset (meanwhile deleting my ticket as resolved), - made me reopen said ticket, where they required me to send them proof of purchase twice, - followed up by approving my RMA, but not sending me shipping info to fulfill it. As an added insult to injury, after a week of back and forth, they also expect me to pay to ship the keyboard to them at my cost (granted, this is stated in warranty form). While this may be the standard of Corsairs return service, and maybe i just got the 1:1000 defective keyboard. The collective experience has left me feeling cheated.

Additional Comments

This may be a good keyboard physically, but the internal software/firmware (which i am fairly sure is the issue) has been dodgy since install. And after dealing with Corsair support on the matter i am no longer willing to recommend this product to anyone.

Official Reply from Memory Express:

Ian, Corsair has contacted us to say that they will be in contact with you again, directly...

Perfect if you prefer quiter typing Keyboards

Submitted on Friday, April 27, 2018
By Markus
From Langley

Strengths of the product

Not mechanical which for me is a huge plus. Download the Corsair keyboard software for many lighting options. Comfortable travel between each key. Looks great if your set-up has a lot of black plastic. Good for people for smaller hands. Can withstand keyboard bashing after you get killed by another Hanzo main.

Weaknesses of the product

Software was a little glitchy to start with - caused my computer to not stay asleep until I figured out the proper setting. Wrist rest could be more substantial but this is a medium/low budget keyboard. I plan to step up to possibly one of Corsair's Lux keyboards in the future.

Additional Comments

Had been using a logitech mechanical keyboard but it was too clicky and bulky for me. This keyboard is for low budget builds but performs very well! Can type for a long time without fatigue.


Submitted on Wednesday, December 27, 2017
By Bob
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

I got this keyboard 4 days ago for my son and he love it! He spends time using it so i don't need to get him another keyboard for awhile.

Weaknesses of the product

It makes this loud clicking noise which annoys me!

Additional Comments

You should get this!
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