StarTech Thin Miniplug Digital Audio Cable, 10ft.

MX644 Thin Miniplug Digital Audio Cable, 10ft.
MX644 Thin Miniplug Digital Audio Cable, 10ft.

Product Info:

If you’re serious about your home theatre system, you know the importance of using quality sound cables.’s digital audio Miniplug cables offer the most accurate digital audio signal transfer for maximum audio clarity and resolution for all your Miniplug devices.

Thinner and more flexible than our regular audio cables, these cables are perfect for installations where space is tight. The flexible PVC jacket construction lets you bend the cable into any position you need while maintaining optimum fiber alignment so the sound quality doesn’t drop. Experience the sound quality that only a pure digital connection can provide with Miniplug cables.


- Delivers the most acurate bitstream transfer for the clearest and smoothest sound from your digital audio device
- Thin digital optical cables are backed by's lifetime warranty
- Ultra thin flexible PVC jacket constuction makes installation very easy even in hard to reach areas
-'s optical cable offers high quality digital sound from your computer to digital audio home theater systems
- Metal shell connector designed for lifelong durability
- Mini Plug connector keeps fiber optical alignment for maximum data transfer


Connectors: 3.5mm Mini Plug to 3.5mm Mini Plug
Cable Length: 10 ft
Jacket Type: PVC