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  • MX64356 EzRecorder 130 HD Video Capture Device, Black
  • MX64356 EzRecorder 130 HD Video Capture Device, Black
  • MX64356 EzRecorder 130 HD Video Capture Device, Black
  • MX64356 EzRecorder 130 HD Video Capture Device, Black


EzRecorder 130 HD Video Capture Device, Black

Product Info

Capture HD Video for Home Entertainment


Effortless HD Video Recording with a Computer
Light and portable, the EzRecorder 130 features a user-friendly set-up system that requires only a USB. Another advantage of the EzRecorder 130 is the ability to use it independently of a PC.

Simply connect the EzRecorder 130 to an HDMI video source and store HD footage up to 1080p 30fps in real time. Make footage from all your favorite programs easier to save now and enjoy with instant playback!


Schedule Prime Time at Your Convenience

Enjoy the latest sporting events and stay up to date with your favorite TV shows. Don't miss out on a single football game. Set up your set-top box, select the target channel and let it go. The EzRecorder 130 takes care of your recording needs. Schedule once and enjoy the recording at your leisure.

Snapshot Your Favorite Moments

Record only the footage that you want. Pause and resume viewing without hassles. Your video clip is saved as a single intact source file. The EzRecord 130 snapshot function gives you the ability to capture specific moments during playback. Never miss a moment with the EzRecorder 130.

Review, Post and Edit on the Spot

EzRecorder 130 post-production options allows you to add that one final touch. The built-in video editor allows you to trim unwanted frames and edit them seamlessly without the need of a computer.
*Any unauthorized snapshot or recording of copyrighted materials may infringe on the rights of copyright owners and is against Copyright Laws. Restrictions set by HDCP protection will prohibit certain content from being recorded by the EzRecorder 130.

Additional Information

Visit the Manufacturer Web Page for Full Details

Download the Manufacturer Product Manual

Download the Manufacturer Specification Sheet

System Requirements

  • Source Device(s) with HDMI output
  • HDTV or Computer Monitor with HDMI input
  • USB 3.0 / 2.0 Portable Hard Drive (not included)


Interface 1x HDMI In port
1x HDMI Pass Through port
Capture Resolutions Up to 1080p/30fps
File Codecs MP4: H.264 w/ AAC
Power AC Power Adapter, Included Output: 5Vdc @ 2A, 10W
Dimensions 147 x 57 x 46.5mm
Weight 118.5g

Package Contents

  • 1x AVerMedia ExRecorder 130 with:
    • 1x AC Power Adapter
    • 1x Remote Control
    • 1x DC to Mini USB Cable
    • 1x User Manual