Thermaltake Core P3 ATX Open Frame Transparent Mid Tower Case, Black Edition

MX64188 Core P3 ATX Open Frame Transparent Mid Tower Case, Black Edition
MX64188 Core P3 ATX Open Frame Transparent Mid Tower Case, Black Edition MX64188 Core P3 ATX Open Frame Transparent Mid Tower Case, Black Edition MX64188 Core P3 ATX Open Frame Transparent Mid Tower Case, Black Edition MX64188 Core P3 ATX Open Frame Transparent Mid Tower Case, Black Edition

Product Info

Thermaltake Core P3 SE Black Edition ATX Wall-Mount Chassis


Bring Out The Modder Within
The Core P3 SE Black Open Frame chassis sets a new benchmark in groundbreaking open frame chassis design.

With full support for liquid cooling and the Optional Thermaltake PCI-e X16 Riser Cable, the Core P3 SE is built from the ground up to make even the most advanced PC customization and modification effortless and hassle free, making it a dream to build with.

The open frame panel design is protected with a clear acrylic panel, behind which sits the chassis frame with support for the latest PC hardware, AIO and DIY liquid cooling solutions.

Specially designed dual GPU and PSU layouts, plus a 3-way stand placement (wall mountable, horizontal laying and vertical standing) allow users to position the chassis any orientation and appreciate your artwork status worthy build.

Tt LCS Certified Design

featureThermaltake LCS is an exclusive certification applied to only ThermalTake products that pass the design and hardcore enthusiasts standards that a true LCS chassis should be held to.

The Tt LCS certification was created so that we at Thermaltake can designate to all power users which chassis have been tested to be best compatible with extreme liquid cooling configurations to ensure you get the best performance from the best features and fitment.


Designed and Built For the Maker Movement!

Free 3D Printer Models & Laser Engravings for Core P3 & P5 Cases!
featureBy practicing and incorporating the idea of the Maker Movement as well as 3D printing, Thermaltake designs the open frame panoramic viewing chassis as anyone can access and do his/her own mods as well as print out his/her own ideas using available liquid cooling components and manuals without boundaries.

Users can download 3D printing accessory files on Thermaltake's 3D Makers Microsite, printing them out to do a special mod. (FYI: Most P5 and P3 Case Models are identical.)


Thermaltake DMD: Dismantlable Modular Design


The Core P3 SE Black open frame chassis enables user to freely build the system from the ground up with given modular panels, racks, brackets, and pre-design mounting arrays. No more unreachable screw corners or gaps and enjoys installation in a breeze with Dismantlable Modular Design.

3-Way Placement Layout Options

The Core P3 SE Black is designed for use in three different ways: Wall-mount, vertical, and horizontal placement. Built for customization that reflects the makers’ personality, it allows for adjustments to the chassis for the best viewing presentation while ensuring outstanding cooling performance.

Users can hang it on the wall as decoration, take it to wherever they want and display the nice builds vertically or horizontally.

Seeing is Believing

The open frame structure with unique Panoramic Viewing design advanced the Core P3 SE Black's visual presentation, so can easily users to show off their dedication and skill set unlike many other enthusiast cases on the market today.

Versatile Video Card & Power Supply Orientation

Show off your graphic card and power supply with our special design bracket. Further, the Core P3 SE Black also has the support for vertical PSU layout when ITX motherboard is applied.

Optional Rise Cable Supportedfeature

This optional Thermaltake PCI-e X16 Riser Cable supports a wider range of GPU solutions and is available by Special Order.
(Ask your Memory Express Sales Rep for details and pricing information.)

Native AIO Support

The Core P3 SE Black natively supports all types of All-In-One liquid cooling solutions without the need for extra brackets.

Supreme Hardware Support

3.5" or 2.5" HDD Drive Compatible
featureThe Core P3 SE Black offers the most flexible mounting options with a specially designed mounting array supports up to 4x 120mm / 140mm fans or radiators. It also supports mounting 3.5" and 2.5" storage devices.

To get you started, two 3.5" / 2.5" drive trays are included and shipped in the back panel that offers a large 45mm chamber for easy cable management.

Core P3 Black Edition Radiator Support List


This Open Frame Chassis supports 7 popular sizes of Liquid Cooling Radiators, from full sized 480mm radiators down to smaller 120mm sizes for a wide range of useful liquid cooling solutions.

This is the range of 7 radiator sizes, tested to fit this open frame case:

  • 480mm
  • 420mm
  • 360mm
  • 280mm
  • 240mm
  • 140mm
  • 120mm

Core P3 Black Edition Fan Support List

This Open Frame Chassis is designed to fits these popular 120 & 140mm Thermaltake Tt Fans:

  • Tt Luna Fan Series
  • Tt Pure Fan Series
  • Tt Riing Fan Series

Optional Wall Mount Support


There is an optional Wall Bracket Kit available for the Core P3 Black Edition that will Mount your Core P3 Case on a wall.
(Ask your Memory Express Sales Rep for details and pricing information.)


Make and Model Thermaltake Core P3 Black Edition Open Frame Chassis
Part Number CA-1G4-00M6WN-02
Color Black
Material Chassis: SPCC Steel
SPCC is a high grade commercial quality cold-rolled Carbon Steel that follows JIS G3141 Japanese standards
Motherboard Support ATX: 12 x 9.6"
microATX: 9.6 x 9.6"
miniITX: 6.7 x 6.7"
Expansion Slots 8
Drive Bays 5.25" Bays: None
Visible 3.5 / 2.5" Bays: 2
Hidden 3.5 / 2.5" Bays: 2
I/O Ports  
Front Panel 2x USB 3.0 ports
2x USB 2.0 ports
1x HD Audio port
Thermal Solution  
Fan Support Left Side:
3x 120mm / 140mm Fans
Radiator Support Left Side:
1x Up to 480mm Radiator
1x Up to 360mm Radiator
Component Space CPU Cooler Height: Up to 180mm

Video Card Space:
With Reservoir: Up to 280mm
Without Reservoir: Up to 420mm

Power Supply Length: Up to 200mm
Power Supply Fits ATX PS II Power Supplies up to 200mm long
(Power Supply not included)
Dimensions & Weight  
Dimensions (LxWxH) 470 x 333 x 512mm
Weight 10.3kg