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  • MX64129 S340 Elite ATX Mid Tower Case, Matte Black
  • MX64129 S340 Elite ATX Mid Tower Case, Matte Black
  • MX64129 S340 Elite ATX Mid Tower Case, Matte Black
  • MX64129 S340 Elite ATX Mid Tower Case, Matte Black


S340 Elite ATX Mid Tower Case, Matte Black

From 3 Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: With 3 Customer Reviews

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Great case but RESEARCH your hardware FITMENT carefully!

11/20/2017 11:57:06 AM
Dmitry from Calgary writes:
1. Beautiful design no two ways about it especially with the glass side panel and matte finish 2. Easy installation of hardware and very good CABLE MANAGEMENT options 3. Magnetic dust filters on both psu and front intake is a must have; so good on NZXT... 4. Pretty much silent operation while idle with stock fans.
I'm not gonna say these are necessarily weaknesses but they are definitely limitations. Air flow: If you plan to OC and run water like in my setup it pretty much forces you to have a front mounted rad and depending on the size (280mm kraken 62 in my case) it could really impede air flow after permeating the radiator. The VRM heatsink on my MSI x370 Carbon prevents me from mounting a 140 mm rad at the top exhaust location so unless you chose a 120 mm rad at the rear your stuck using the front.
Great case with easy access and good esthetics. limited radiator placement options which can restrict overall case air flow. Its mostly my fault for not thinking this through enough so make sure you research. I would recommend a 140mm rad at the front top location so the bottom fan can cool your gpu and move some air in the case.

The Ultimate Dream Case

11/10/2016 4:13:31 PM
Leech from Calgary writes:
- Air flow are superbly well engineered - I got less temperature on my OC 4.6ghz ~ 1.35v and its like 18~30C min to max load - Spacious - Quite fans (included on the box) - Nice and Neat if you are into VR games - Very great tempered glass can show off with your friends and web like reddit - Has a managing cables at the back so neat and clean
- The price - You have to buy the Nzxt x61 cooling radiator if you really want get less temperature on your CPU - Not recommended for big heat sink cpu before buying try to read the specs of the heat sink and the specs of this case
So happy I got this case this is what I've been waiting for nzxt release Im so upset with the price especially the CAD / USD currency rates; but you gotta buy what your dreaming for right? For everyone who can afford this beast case you should really buy it, especially if you want to show it off your build to your friends and reddit then this case is absolutely gorgeous.

Great looking case, very clean

11/7/2016 12:37:38 PM
Ivan from Calgary, AB writes:
I love the look of the case, the tempered glass looks amazing, mounting the 3.5" drives is a bit tricky, however overall a great case.
The HDMI pass through didn't work with my Oculus Rift (powers up but crazy green dots all over the screen), which is a shame as that is why I wanted this case in the first place. The only thing stopping me from returning the case was, well, the case...it is so nice looking I decided to keep it anyways.
I hope that NZXT can come up with a fix for the Oculus Rift pass through, otherwise I am very happy with purchase.
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