Thrustmaster Y-300 CPX Universal USB Gaming Headset, White

MX63895 Y-300 CPX Universal USB Gaming Headset, White
MX63895 Y-300 CPX Universal USB Gaming Headset, White MX63895 Y-300 CPX Universal USB Gaming Headset, White MX63895 Y-300 CPX Universal USB Gaming Headset, White MX63895 Y-300 CPX Universal USB Gaming Headset, White

Product Info

THRUSTMASTER Y-300CPX - The Ultimate Universal USB Gaming Headset

The next-generation headset featuring amplified bass-enhanced performance

With the Y-300CPX, Thrustmaster is proud to offer a worthy successor to its Y-280CPX, the highly-successful multiplatform gaming headset! The Y-300CPX incorporates its predecessor's most popular features, but pushes the envelope even further in terms of wider compatibility.

  • Y-shaped design
  • Large, ultra-soft ear pads
  • Multifunctional audio controls on cable
  • High-performance microphone
  • Works with PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Mac, Wii U, 3DS, PSVita, PC, tablets, smartphones


Extended compatibility

In order to cater to the greatest number of gamers, Thrustmaster's development teams have equipped the Y-300CPX with extended compatibility: the headset is compatible with not only PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3, Xbox One®* and Xbox 360®, PC and Mac®, but also Nintendo Wii U™, Nintendo 3DS™ and PlayStation®Vita, as well as with tablets and smartphones - including calling functions for the latter.

* Compatible with Xbox One controllers featuring a 3.5-mm stereo headset port.

Superior audio, a high-performance microphone and a full-featured controller

The Y-300CPX provides excellent audio performance, with its true 50 mm drivers! The headset's audio sensations are ultra-realistic, thanks to a stable frequency response curve, optimized for games, ensuring a perfect balance between bass, mids and treble. This brand-new gaming headset features double electro-acoustic bass amplification, for truly deep and powerful low-frequency response. Its earpieces include large, ultra-soft ear pads, providing exceptional passive isolation and long-lasting comfort, and function as real bass-amplifying sound chambers.


The Y-300CPX features a unidirectional microphone, which is both detachable and adjustable. The mic has been designed to only target the gamer's voice, thereby ensuring optimized, high-performance communication between the user and his or her teammates.

What's more, gamers can quickly and easily adjust the headset's settings using the multifunctional inline controller: this allows for independent adjustment of the audio levels of the game and of voices, of the microphone and of chatting, as well as the ability to enable and disable voice feedback. And last, but certainly not least, in order to guarantee that it can be used not only on any platform, but also in any gaming setup, the Y-300CPX includes a whopping 13.1 feet/4 meters of cable.

Designed for Comfort

Unique Y-shaped design which perfectly provides outstanding comfort: large, ultra-soft ear pads and effective passive isolation Earpieces' unique design acts as a real bass-emphasizing sound box. 13.1 feet/4 meters of cables to adapt to any type of gaming configuration.


Advanced Controls

Multifunctional controller on the cable, allowing you to adjust the audio level of the game and of voices independently: both the mic and chat volume can be set separately, for a perfect fit with every game and every gamer.

Exclusive customization of your mic's gain level! Adjust the gain precisely for your voice, so that you'll be perfectly understood by your teammates. Voice feedback system (to cut out or enable the feedback from your voice on the headphones) directly on the controller.

High-Performance Microphone

Unidirectional mic, designed to target only your voice, for the most effective communication with your teammates. Microphone is detachable and adjustable, to adapt to every player's head size and shape.

Audio Expertise

Audio sensations even more "real" than real life, thanks to the stable frequency response curve optimized for your gaming sessions, with perfect balance between bass, mids and treble.

Exclusive double electro-acoustic bass sound amplifier delivering deep bass response. The best of our audio expertise, taking your gaming performance to the next level (powered by Hercules and its 20 years of audio expertise).


Better audio performance than the competition

Perfect bass delivery ensuring optimal rendering of in-game explosions. Balanced medium frequencies providing stable reproduction of other players' voices. Unsaturated treble guaranteeing crystal-clear rendering of incoming missiles in games


  • Fully compatible with PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, Xbox One™, PC, Xbox 360® and Mac®
  • Also compatible with Nintendo Wii U™, Nintendo 3DS™, PlayStation®Vita, tablets, smartphones


Product THRUSTMASTER Y-300 CPX Universal Gaming Headset
Part Number 4060077
Colour White / Black
Drivers 50mm
Type Y-shaped
Connector 3.5mm
Cable Length 13.1 ft / 4m
Type Detachable
Mic Pattern Unidirectional
Microphone Sensitivity ~50 dB
Mic Volume Yes
Chat Volume Yes
Mic Gain Yes
Mute Yes
Dimensions (WxHxD) N/A
Weight 2.2 lbs

Package Contents

  • THRUSTMASTER Y-300 CPX Universal Gaming Headset
  • Inline Controller
  • Detachable Microphone
  • Audio Cable
  • User's Guide