Memory Express Assemble Hardware + Load O/S [Premium]

MX63724 Assemble Hardware + Load O/S [Premium]
MX63724 Assemble Hardware + Load O/S [Premium]

Product Info

Purchasing A Computer And In A Hurry?

Get the perfect system with no compromises when you visit with a Memory Express Sales Professional in-store and get a custom system built to order, or configure it yourself with our System Configurator! You choose and pay for the parts/software and have Memory Express assemble it and install the OS (Operating System) for you!

Our premium hardware assembly option includes all the same care and rigourous testing as our regular assembly option but also includes work needed for complex & specialty builds.


Our experienced technical staff will:

  • Properly mount CPU, memory and heat sink/fan onto the motherboard and connect wires as needed
  • Assemble and install all hardware including water cooling & extra cosmetic hardware (fans/lights/etc.)
  • Update the onboard BIOS to the most recent version with no known issues
  • Optimize BIOS settings and memory timings to ensure maximum performance and stability.
  • Confirm CPU, Memory and all hardware are correctly identified by the motherboard and are functioning properly
  • Setup RAID configuration as requested
  • Install the purchased / provided operating system with the latest Service Pack:
    • Install the latest drivers with no known issues for all hardware
    • Install all Windows Updates with the latest patches and updates.
  • Stress test system under 100% CPU usage for 2 hours minimum
  • Neatly fold and tuck all cabling and wiring away to ensure the best airflow
  • Perform inspection of all hardware and cabling for proper assembly and functionality with OS
  • Thorough test of all hardware functionalities include:
    • CD Writer: Burn/Verify a data CD
    • DVD Drive: Test DVD movie playback to ensure a smooth and accurate experience
    • CD Audio: Test audio CD playback
    • USB / Firewire: Test all USB / Firewire Ports
    • Sound: Test audio output, including multi-channel output and front audio output (when applicable)
    • Video: Test both 2D and 3D Graphics performance. Test dual display output (when applicable)
    • Modem: Verify connectivity / Fax
    • Network Card: Verify connectivity / data transfer
  • Removal of all temporary files and preparation of system for initial startup by end-user