Seagate 10TB BarraCuda Pro HDD, SATA III w/ 256MB Cache

MX63364 10TB BarraCuda Pro HDD, SATA III w/ 256MB Cache
MX63364 10TB BarraCuda Pro HDD, SATA III w/ 256MB Cache MX63364 10TB BarraCuda Pro HDD, SATA III w/ 256MB Cache

Product Info

BarraCuda Pro – Versatile. Fast. Dependable. The Fiercest Hard Drive You've Ever Met.

Seagate brings over 20 years of trusted performance and reliability to the Seagate BarraCuda® 3.5 inch HDDs. The uncompromising BarraCuda Pro marries industry-leading storage capacity with 7200-RPM spin speeds for snappy performance and load times when gaming or performing heavy workloads.

  • Large onboard cache is designed to quickly access frequently-used applications
  • BarraCuda Pro draws a mere 6.8W, making it one of the lowest-power 3.5-inch drives on the market
  • Store data faster with SATA 6Gb/s interface that optimizes burst performance
  • Up to 220MB/s maximum sustained transfer rate
  • Worry less with a hard drive that has your back - BarraCuda Pro comes equipped with a 5-year limited warranty
  • For 20+ years, the BarraCuda family has delivered super reliable drives
  • No capacity constraints. You can have the highest-capacity 3.5-inch PC-compute drive on the market with BarraCuda Pro (up to 10TB)



Introducing the All-New BarraCuda Pro 3.5-Inch Hard Drive!

7200 RPM makes the BarraCuda Pro the fastest 10TB desktop drive available. Large cache size, coupled with Multi-Tier Caching technology, pushes your PC to new performance heights so you can load apps and files even faster. Plus the BarraCuda Pro is backed up by a 5-year limited warranty for your peace of mind.

Versatile, Fast, and Dependable

BarraCuda® leads the industry with the highest capacities for desktops and mobile computers. With drives available up to 10TB, the BarraCuda® portfolio is a great option for upgrades at any price point. SATA 6Gb/s technology to further maximize performance.

Amazing Versatility

Get the most out of your storage with BarraCuda® hard drives. From computers full of photos and memories to gaming PCs that need more room to play, BarraCuda grows with you.

3.5-Inch BarraCuda® Hard Drives Deliver!

Rock-solid reliability built on over 20 years of BarraCuda® innovation. Versatile mix of capacity and price point options to fit any budget. Multi-Tier Caching technology for excellent hard drive performance.

Trusted Dependability

The BarraCuda® family of reliable hard drives is here to stay, for years to come.

  • Experience - For more than 20 years, Seagate has manufactured and delivered the super-reliable BarraCuda® family of drives
  • BarraCuda® - Seagate's drive-reliability data simply speaks for itself, and the BarraCuda® family is often recognized by leading publications and customers
  • Worry less with a hard drive that has your back–BarraCuda Pro comes equipped with a 5-year limited warranty.


Model Number ST10000DM0004
Interface SATA III 6Gb/s
Capacity 10 TB
Form Factor 3.5"
Cache 256 MB
Spindle Speed 7,200 rpm
SATA Transfer Rates Supported 6.0/3.0/1.5 Gb/s
Average Data Rate, Read/Write 156 MB/s
Max Sustained Data Rate, OD Read 220 MB/s
Seagate AcuTrac™ Technology Yes
Latency Average: 4.16ms
MTBF 1,000,000 Hours
Heads/Disks 7/14
Bytes per Sector 4096
Guaranteed Sectors 19,532,873,728 sectors
Reliability/Data Integrity  
Contact Start/Stop Cycles N/A
Load/Unload Cycles 300,000
Nonrecoverable Read Errors per Bits Read, Max 1 per 10E15
Annual Failure Rate (AFR) < 1%
Power-On Hours (per year) 8,760
Workload Rate Limit (TB/year) 300
Data Recovery and Rescue Services Yes
Power Management  
Startup Power 1.8 A
Power Consumption Operating Mode, Typical: 6.8 W
Idle Average: 4.5 W
Standby Mode: 0.8W
Sleep Mode: 0.8 W
Voltage Tolerance, Including Noise (5V) ± 5%
Voltage Tolerance, Including Noise (12V) ± 10%
Temperature Operating (ambient min.): 0 °C
Operating (drive case max.): 60 °C
Non-operating (ambient): -40 to 70 °C
Shock, Operating/Non-operating: 2ms (max, Gs) 70/250
Acoustics (Idle / Operating) 2.8 / 3.2 bels
RoHS Compliance Yes
Halogen Free Yes
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1.028 x 4.01 x 5.787 inches
Weight 650g (1.433 lb)