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  • MX62256 Stratus XL Gaming Controller for Windows and Android


Stratus XL Gaming Controller for Windows and Android

From 3 Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Steel Steries

4/22/2018 12:54:50 PM
mark from calgary writes:
Do not buy. The last one broke - inside on of the directional pads broke so i couldn't go "right". It is the only piece of equipment that has ever failed and I go back to commodore 64 days. Stay away from this garbage because that is what you are buying. Not a deal even at half the price. Pay more and get another ,manufacturer.

Does not work very well at all

1/16/2018 1:38:52 PM
Lorne B. from Dalhousie writes:
It is very comfy and nice feel to it. But this is very minor as most controllers are good in that regard.
It is so funny to me that the description of this product features "INSTA-WIN RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX" as this controller does not work out of the box. In fact you have to really tweak the software configuration of this controller to optimize gameplay. And that being said, you typically have to ramp down a lot of sensitivity for the joysticks and sometimes the triggers which actually make this controller have major delay. It is the only way to use it without it automatically spamming certain inputs
Do not buy this controller! Even on sale! Spend a little extra (or maybe less!) for a controller that will work out of the box with ZERO issues. I returned the first one thinking it was faulty after much testing and tweaking of the software. The second one I got was just as bad!

Not really linux compatible

7/5/2017 9:28:05 AM
Raimund from Edmonton writes:
The controller is a great build, with an excellent D-pad. I bought it mostly to replace my Logitec controller, for playing SNES games, and the limited success I've had making it work, it has been quite good.
I haven't quite riddled out yet why it doesn't work, but it doesn't work. Emulation station is where I want to use it, but although it pairs with bluetooth to my Mint 18.1 system, ES never sees it at all. I CAN get it to work in Higan, but to the exclusion of all other controllers, which is problematic. Also, the home and select keys seem to map to super and backspace, and nothing else.
It's a really NICE controller, but very limiting if you don't game on Windows® or Android™. I'm keeping it in hopes that someone writes a utility that brings it back to being a standard input device.
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