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  • MX61871 Carbide Series 400C ATX Case, Window, Black
  • MX61871 Carbide Series 400C ATX Case, Window, Black
  • MX61871 Carbide Series 400C ATX Case, Window, Black
  • MX61871 Carbide Series 400C ATX Case, Window, Black

Carbide Series 400C ATX Case, Window, Black

From 2 Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: With 2 Customer Reviews

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Great Value

8/31/2016 6:58:15 AM
Chris from Edmonton writes:
-Best looking case for showing off your hard spent money -Fits very well on top of your desk and you can angle it so you can stare into its beauty while you game or surf the net! -the swinging door is a nice touch -the price is decent -case looks full -instead of screw holes for your fan mounting it has screw slots so you can adjust your fans the way you like! Makes it easier for installing things the way you want
-tight build, especially with my sausage fingers, took me a little longer then usual for setting up the tower and putting everything inside of it the way I wanted. -I wish the front panel came off easier for cleaning out the front dust filter -this was the last step on my journey to become a Corsair fan boy
Great case all around, I moved down from a Corsair 750D (which is still a really nice case) because I realized that I was not using all the space in that case and it looked empty. This case is the sweet spot! It looks sharp and with a little effort your build can look clean and ready to display. If you are thinking about it stop thinking and go buy it you wont regret it!

400C - World Class Compact ATX

7/2/2016 11:04:14 AM
Stephen A. from Calgary, AB writes:
- Beautiful display window to show off all of your components - Cable management can be tight though this problem is resolved if you remove the hard drive cage - Magnetic Dust filters! - PSU shroud hides even the messiest of cables - Support for lots of HDD & SSD's - Keeps out a surprising amount of dust - Fits liquid cooler radiator in the front (I used the H110i GT) and maybe the back exhaust if you have a motherboard that gives the space for it - Corsair Warranty has always been great for me
- Being a more compact ATX case made the work space a little tight. Can be intimidating to a new builder if you aren't patient - SSD bracket on the back of the case is a brilliant idea for hiding the SSD's but some SATA power cables can feel tight hooking up back there. In short, if you have bulky SATA power cables you might want to get an slim extension or adapter - Display window can collect dust over time - Having a Push/Pull radiator setup in front can be very tight with larger radiators
To be honest, the weaknesses I came across with this case were heavily outweighed by the strengths. Not only is it beautiful but still allows for some creativity. I went with a green & black build and some LED strips have made the big window look GREAT. If you want a case that's got a simple design with the potential to be really flashy I'd recommend you go with Corsair here. With it being a more compact ATX case you could also have more options on where to display your masterpiece.
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