LINKSYS EA9500 Max-Stream Wireless AC5400 Tri-Band Router w/ 8 Port Gigabit Switch

MX61657 EA9500 Max-Stream Wireless AC5400 Tri-Band Router w/ 8 Port Gigabit Switch
MX61657 EA9500 Max-Stream Wireless AC5400 Tri-Band Router w/ 8 Port Gigabit Switch MX61657 EA9500 Max-Stream Wireless AC5400 Tri-Band Router w/ 8 Port Gigabit Switch MX61657 EA9500 Max-Stream Wireless AC5400 Tri-Band Router w/ 8 Port Gigabit Switch

Product Info

This AC5400 Wi-Fi Router Enhances Your Wireless Lifestyle!


Dual Purpose Home / Office / Entertainment Wi-Fi Routerfeature
This Linksys MAX-STREAM AC5400 Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router (EA9500) delivers Wi-Fi to multiple users on multiple devices at the same time!

Now you can experience lag-free videoconferencing or file transfers in your home office upstairs while the rest of the family is streaming 4K or HD media, surfing the web, and playing online games simultaneously.

Efficient MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) technology treats each of your devices as if each has its own dedicated router, ensuring everyone can enjoy Wi-Fi without interruption or buffering. This router is so simple to set up, you can bring your workspace online in three easy steps.


  • Tri-Band Wi-Fi Technology
    Three bands that deliver the fastest combined Wi-Fi speeds to more devices
    • AC 5400: Up To N1000 + AC2166 + AC2166 Speeds
      This AC5400 tri-band wireless router brings incredible speed to your Wi-Fi
    • Smooth 4K Video Streaming with Blazing Fast Wi-Fi Speeds
      Delivers extremely fast combined speeds of up to 5.3 Gbps
    • 8 Active Antennas
      4 Data Streams give you full speed and coverage on wireless devices
  • Smart Connect
    Automatic network prioritization on the two 5 GHz bands for optimized speed and performance
  • Beam Forming technology
    Optimizes performance and reduces interference by focusing wireless signal to connected devices
  • 1.4GHz Dual-Core Processor
    A total 2.8GHz of raw Dual Core performance handles and prioritizes (QOS) your Data across multiple devices at once
  • Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Software
    Monitor, control and map your home network from anywhere through the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Website and your Mobile Devices
  • USB 3.0 & USB 2.0 Ports
    Add external storage and other devices to share content across your network via USB ports.
  • 8 Gigabit Ethernet I/O Ports
    Transfer data 10x faster than Fast Ethernet, ensuring high-speed connectivity for wired devices
  • Easy Setup
    Installation is fast and easy; no optical drive is required

Tri-Band High-Performance Wireless For Maximum Coverage


Smooth 4k Video Streaming with Blazing-Fast Wi-Fi Speeds
The MAX-STREAM AC5400 router offers three independent Wi-Fi bands that deliver extremely fast combined speeds of up to 5.3 Gbps. Tri-Band technology delivers up to double the Wireless-AC performance of a dual-band router. High-bandwidth applications like videoconferencing and movie streaming are ideal for the two high-speed 5 GHz bands, while lower-bandwidth devices like older wireless-N and -G computers can utilize the 2.4 GHz band.

Powerful Dual Core Processor for Supercharged Wi-Fi
If you're working in your home office, you can quickly download large files thanks to the MAX-STREAM's 1.4 GHz dual-core processor, which delivers the performance necessary for seamless videoconferencing and fast file transfers. The AC5400 is capable of handling multiple high-speed data streams at once--delivering faster Wi-Fi speeds to more devices.

Connect up to 10 Wired Devices With USB & Gigabit Ethernet Ports

Eight Gigabit Ethernet ports let you connect an array of wired devices for enhanced file transfer speeds and stability; up to 10x faster than Fast Ethernet. Dual USB connections, including a USB 3.0 port, are ideal for connecting shared storage devices or printers.

Advanced Security Features for a Secure Connection

With the MAX-STREAM AC5400 Router, your work files, data, and home network information are safely connected with WPA/WPA2 encryption and an SPI firewall.

8 High-Performance Antennas for Maximum Coverage

The router features eight adjustable external antennas, which can be positioned for optimal performance. They provide powerful streams of data to your devices, ensuring complete Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. Unlike the two or three data streams found on other routers, the AC5400 delivers four simultaneous streams for stronger, faster performance.

Improved Mobile Speed And Range With Beamforming

Play video games, listen to music, check email, shop, stream movies, and more--without having to worry about signal drop-off. Beamforming technology directs Wi-Fi signals to each of your mobile devices. This focused direction provides increased signal strength and coverage.

Smart WI-FI Network Map Lets You View Connected Devices


With this Network Map, you can:

  • See all devices on your network on a single screen
  • Track online status and signal strength of your devices
  • Create personalized names to easily identify your connected devices

featureLINKSYS Smart Wi-Fi

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi lets you access your network anytime, anywhere over the internet. Stream Media Files, Retrieve Data Files, Photos and more...

Use your internet connected browser or the Smart Wi-Fi mobile app on compatible devices and you can do amazing things:

  • Prioritize devices or websites for video streaming and online gaming
  • Control inappropriate or distracting content
  • Monitor network activity and speed
  • Turn Wi-Fi access on or off for any connected device
  • Create a separate, password-protected guest network

Create Your Free Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Account

Free SmartPhone Apps for Android and Apple Devices

For even greater control, download one of the many Wi-Fi management apps compatible with your Smart Wi-Fi router:

feature feature

I/O Ports


Additional Information

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System Requirements

Compatible Computer Operating Systems:

  • Mac OS X 10.0+
  • Windows® 10, 8.x, 7


Technology Wireless 802.11 ac with 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac support
Tri Band Coverage 1x 2.4GHz Band
2x 5GHz Bands
Wi-Fi Speed AC 5400: 1000 + 2165 + 2165 Mbps
Antennas 8x External Dual Band Antennas
Ports 8x Gigabit LAN Out ports
1x Gigabit WAN In port
1x USB 3.0 port
1x USB 2.0 port
IPv6 Support Native IPv6 support
Processor 1.4GHz Dual Core Processor
Wireless Modes Wireless Router
Access Point
Wired Bridge
Wireless Bridge
LEDs Status Indicator
MU-MIMO Indicators
Illuminated Linksys logo
Wi-Fi Protected Setup
8x LAN (1 ~ 8)
USB 3.0
USB 2.0
Security Encryption:
64/128-bit WEP
WPA2 Personal
WPA2 Enterprise
Power External AC Adapter:
Input: 100 ~ 240Vac, 50 / 60Hz
Output: 12Vdc @ 4A, 48W
Dimensions 265 x 318 x 66.7mm, without Antennas
Weight 1.73kg without Antennas

Package Contents

  • Linksys EA9500 Tri-Band Smart Wi-Fi Router
  • 8x Detachable Antennas
  • Ethernet Cable
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • CD-ROM with Documentation