Vantec NexStar HDD Duplicator, USB 3.0

MX61593 NexStar HDD Duplicator, USB 3.0
MX61593 NexStar HDD Duplicator, USB 3.0 MX61593 NexStar HDD Duplicator, USB 3.0 MX61593 NexStar HDD Duplicator, USB 3.0 MX61593 NexStar HDD Duplicator, USB 3.0

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Monday, October 16, 2017
By: Jared
From: Calgary

Very pleased!


Reasonable price, easy to use (so far), works like stated


None that I can see Make sure the target drive is same size or bigger. Follow the instructions to avoid mishaps.

Additional Comments:

I have a 2007, 24" iMac with a dual-boot Snow Leopard/Windows XP. wanted to clone the drive to keep it running. older Hitachi 320 gig SATA I. Got a Seagate Desktop 500gig SATA (ST500DM002), and tried cloning them. Put the newly cloned drive back in the old iMac (with a new dvd reader) and presto! Booted both OS's and works just like I never touched it. It also reads the extra space. Not only do I have a brand-new drive in it, it's an upgrade. Probably could do a SSD.
Thursday, May 26, 2016
By: Jason
From: Calgary

Excellent Product !!!


Sturdy plastic on the top and aluminum body for good heat radiating. Use it to recovery data from a bad drive in slot I to normal drive in slot II by using Eassos Partition Guru v4.8! (when the bad drive became very hot and stop working, powered off the dock. After the drive was cool down, powered on and kept going till fully done) Easy to plug 2.5 and 3.5 drives into its slots, don't need small hole for guiding 2.5'. Its top hinge-cover without small holes may be better for dust protection.


None. (havn't tried its duplicating function yet)

Additional Comments:

Sturdy, Fast, Cool, quiet, multi-functions, and good looking. Very happy having it !
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