Thermaltake Commander F6 RGB LCD Multi Fan Controller

MX61541 Commander F6 RGB LCD Multi Fan Controller
MX61541 Commander F6 RGB LCD Multi Fan Controller

Product Info

Thermaltake Commander F6 RGB LCD Multi Fan Controller

Thermaltake has launched the new multi fan controller – Commander F6 RGB, the wide LCD display with user friendly interface shows all the information including temperature (°C/°F), RPM, and voltage for each channel. Additionally, with six separate channels and gorgeous 16 different illumination display colors, users not only can personalize their visual environment, but they can also access to all the functions easier and quicker. All you need is an empty 5.25” drive bay and you’re ready to go.


16 RGB Multi Colors

Choose from sixteen screen display colors to add aesthetics to go with the chassis and inner system, Commander F6 RGB is an ideal device to monitor and control the system temperature and fan speed.

Adjustable Output Voltage (0V-12V)

Unlike the other fan controller in the market, Commander F6 RGB allows users to adjust the voltage precisely (voltage range: 0.1V) by using the control knob.

Thermal Monitoring

The Commander F6 RGB helps you keep an eye on temperature, showing you information down to the selected fan speed (RPM). Choose Celsius or Fahrenheit according to your preferences. Additionally, the embedded temperature warning alarm can be set.


Comprehensive Cooling Performance and Noise Control

Featuring six 30W separate fan control channels, Commander F6 RGB allows users to adjust any type of fans speed easily and precisely, making it easier for users to make adjustments on cooling control and minimize the noise at the same time.


Warning Alarm and Short Circuit Protection

Built in alarm function warns once any component gets overheated or the fan fails.


Lumi Color LED Strip Compatible

Embedded two LED to 3-Pin cables, users can easily connect the Commander F6 RGB to Thermaltake Lumi color LED strips or other single color LED strips*. With adjustable output voltage function (0V-12V), the brightness of Lumi color strip can be adjusted according to one’s preferences.

In addition, Commander F6 RGB comes with all necessary cables to connect up to six fans with standard 3-pin or PWM connector for easy installation.

*Support single color LED strips.


Form Factor 5.25” Driver Bay
Material Plastic
Fan Channels : 6
Channel Wattage : 30W
Speed Range : 0 – 9990 RPM
Voltage Range : 0V – 12V
Temperature Sensor : 6
Temperature Range : 0 - 90 °C
Display Unit : Fahrenheit (°F) / Celsius (°C)
Connector Fan : 3-Pin or 4-Pin
Power : 4-Pin Molex
Dimensions 90 x 150 x 43mm 
Weight 345g