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  • MX61536 Pentium G4400 Processor, 3.3GHz w/ 3MB Cache

Pentium G4400 Processor, 3.3GHz w/ 3MB Cache

From 3 Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: With 3 Customer Reviews

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Excellent little processor

10/18/2016 11:35:54 PM
Andrew B from Calgary writes:
Use it as a linux server (Debian) Low power - down to 15W idle with pico-psu at the wall, and on-demand power saving enabled (cpufreqd) Low heat - you could almost blow on this to keep it cool Quick - Fast boot, runs multiple minecraft servers, downloads my stuff, runs ownCloud, forkeddaapd apple music server, and docker. Pair it with a good ssd and you wont be disappointed.
none at all
For the money, excellent processor for an always on linux server.

Great budget CPU

8/8/2016 10:07:13 AM
Andy from Edmonton writes:
Fast and snappy for everyday apps like Microsoft Office and internet browsing.
Comes with a junk stock cooler, but that's almost industry standard now. Not the fastest for modern games, but hey, this is a budget CPU.
This chip is cost efficient, to say the least. Perfect if you're not a gamer or power user. I dare say this chip, if paired with a solid state drive is all the average computer user will ever need.

Great desktop porcessor

7/14/2016 8:46:30 AM
Landon from Winnipeg writes:
super Fast for small office work, PDFs, Email
None that I can see, I suppose the integrated graphics are not the best
Comparing this to the much more expensive i5-4460 that I also own, this is just as fast for almost all everyday activities, the only differences are once you get into the multi-core / threaded applications. However, this is not a factor using foxit PDF creator, and MS Outlook etc... Cannot beat the price when compared to some of the other options out there. Plus now my motherboard is ready to accept the latest LGA1151 processors that will be released in the future. GREAT BUY!
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