Corsair SF Series SF600 Modular SFX Power Supply, 600W

MX61529 SF Series SF600 Modular SFX Power Supply, 600W
MX61529 SF Series SF600 Modular SFX Power Supply, 600W MX61529 SF Series SF600 Modular SFX Power Supply, 600W MX61529 SF Series SF600 Modular SFX Power Supply, 600W MX61529 SF Series SF600 Modular SFX Power Supply, 600W

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Ultra quet

Submitted on Thursday, December 27, 2018
By Pavel
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

Overall this is a great power supply. Runs cool and totally silent at idle loads such as office and internet browsing so I even became concerned if there is something wrong with it... When tested under not so heavy load driving playing the games my water-cooled GPU Radeon Fury X, the power supply fan would show signs of life occasionally starting to cool it off for a short periods of time, then going off again for a while. The same happens during GPU stress testing (using Furmark).The GPU alone consumes 275 at full load according to AMD.

Weaknesses of the product

Silence is its most strength I would say as it is it's weakness...

Additional Comments

Fan runs at low RPM's (est. 800 rpms) loaded with some ~350 Watt, and power supply housing became noticeable warm. I would prefer to see the fan running continuously at these loads rather than oscillating between on and off modes. Also, when the fan is running it is running rather slow at these loads where it could safely accelerate to some 1000...1200 RPM without adding significant noise. 4 stars for compromising longevity for low noise levels. Overall this is a great power supply, though.

Coil Whining

Submitted on Sunday, July 15, 2018
By Badshah Iqbal
From Burnaby

Strengths of the product

Weaknesses of the product

The unit I bought was for my Phanteks Shift it’s build. Wired everything, not to mention the cables that came with such an expensive product was not premium and was really stiff to work with, Powered it on. Ran quiet under heavy load (Rx 580 but no over clocking) and then suddenly when I was just browsing, coil whining sound started and it just won’t go away even after unplugging my graphics card. I will edit if the replacement I get is good.

Additional Comments

You don’t have much choice when you are shopping for an SFX psu, from what I read and heard, this is the best. But I can’t recommend before I test my replacement unit

Corsair SF600

Submitted on Sunday, August 07, 2016
From Medicine Hat

Strengths of the product

-Small, well built and compact. Perfect for Small Form Factor builds, I'm using it on my Ncase M1. -Stable under full load -Solid Japanese caps for reliability -Fan is quiet during operation -Ribbon style cables.

Weaknesses of the product

-Cables are VERY stiff! -This unit that I got has a coil whine/buzzing noise when gaming and running benchmarks. I can hear it if I get my ear close to the PSU. Not irritatingly loud though.

Additional Comments

I have to deduct 2 stars to the score because of the coil whine and very stiff cables. I'm opting for a custom length sleeved cables to easily route and hide the cables in my ITX build. I am pretty sure not all SF600 units released has this coil whine/buzzing noise issues. I do recommend this product to all of my fellow system builders who want to build a small gaming PC or HTPC. Thanks!
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