PapaGo Compact Mini USB Direct Hardwire Kit for PAPAGO Dashcams

MX60577 Compact Mini USB Direct Hardwire Kit for PAPAGO Dashcams
MX60577 Compact Mini USB Direct Hardwire Kit for PAPAGO Dashcams

Product Info

PAPAGO! has designed a hard-wire kit that is compatible with most of their dashcams that offers their customers another safe method of powering up their devices.

By using a hard-wire kit you can get rid of extra charging cables that use the cigarette lighter outlet, avoid excessive wires running across your headliner and into the charging port, and can utilize the parking surveillance or motion detection feature that most PAPAGO! dashcams come preinstalled with.


Designed to Turn Off Automatically

The hardwire kit is designed to safely power up your dashcam without draining your battery. It has an automatic shutoff capability that will sense when it may be draining your car’s battery and it will power down the dashcam, so you never have to worry.

Leaving your car parked for a long period of time with it hardwired will not damage or drain your battery but will keep your car protected in case of a vandal when you have the motion detection feature turned on. It has an output voltage of DC 5V, which is the used to power the dashcam.

Installation Tips

Installation requires that you ground the hardwire kit cables to your fuse box rather than using the cigarette charger. You can either use a “hot on start” fuse or “always hot” fuse.

If you want to take advantage of the motion detection feature the “always hot” fuse must be used and motion detection set to “ON”. You will not have to worry about cutting any wires or altering your vehicle in any way. The 13-foot cord gives you ample wire to run it successfully in almost any car, truck, or rig that you may have.


Designed to work with the following PAPAGO Dashcams:

  • Select P Series Dashcams not equipped with motion detectors
  • Select GoSafe Series Dashcams:
    • GoSafe 110
    • GoSafe 200
    • GoSafe 260
    • GoSafe 272
    • GoSafe 318
    • GoSafe 118
    • GoSafe 520