MSI Interceptor DS B1 Gaming Mouse w/ 8x 2g Weights

MX60217 Interceptor DS B1 Gaming Mouse w/ 8x 2g Weights
MX60217 Interceptor DS B1 Gaming Mouse w/ 8x 2g Weights MX60217 Interceptor DS B1 Gaming Mouse w/ 8x 2g Weights MX60217 Interceptor DS B1 Gaming Mouse w/ 8x 2g Weights MX60217 Interceptor DS B1 Gaming Mouse w/ 8x 2g Weights

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Submitted on Friday, February 01, 2019
By Daniel
From Victoria

Strengths of the product

Size. Weight customization. 800 dpi responsiveness. Quality plastics. Price.

Weaknesses of the product

Cord easily tangles. Pressing firmly on mouse cause mouse button 1 to sag for a split second.

Additional Comments

So as a budget gamer who has had and used many of mice in my time going from a Manon Zelotes to this you can understand why I would say the size it a plus. Smaller than a razer deathadder and a Logitech mx518 it was great for my claw grip style gameplay. The weight as well was comparable when I left all weights in. I found having all weights in left a great balance after trying g half as many finding the mouse too light. The laser seems to give a good responsiveness only after adjusting the settings in each application. Having a glow on the mouse is nice but could do with a smaller amount to mention it as a strength. The price is probably 80% of the reason I bought this. Shopping around in the market for mice around this price point and you will be right back comparing this mouse to one such ad the Zelote. The cord issue could be a result of the mouse only being a few weeks old and hasn't unraveled fully. As for the mouse button issue, this has only happened a few times yet still is worth mentioning. Could be use of cheap internal parts or myself using excessive pressure the mouse. I am very happy with this purchase and will buy again if this mouse lasts me more than a year. My last two Razer deathadders lasted less than a year.

Pretty Good Mouse

Submitted on Friday, March 23, 2018
By Ethan Crierie
From Cochrane

Strengths of the product

The design fits nicely with my hand, Lights up so that's nice and it was just a quick plug in to use, No need to set up any programs or anything for use. Plus I bought it with a Computer and Keyboard together so I got a special deal on it

Weaknesses of the product

Without a Mouse Pad it can cause some Minor problems but that's just mice in general.

Additional Comments

Personally I really like this Mouse, maybe its design is not for everyone but I'm rather found of it. I've also had it for over a hear now and this thing has gone through 2 Keyboards and I still have it so I would recommend it

The Cheapest Mouse is not Always the Best Choice

Submitted on Sunday, December 27, 2015
By Trevor
From Winnipeg

Strengths of the product

Price. DPI Settings, additional side buttons, looks cool, lights up, easy plug and play (no software). the advertised features work. Fairly good tracking on multiple surface types.

Weaknesses of the product

My complaints are with the design, not the features or functionality. Very uncomfortable in the hand. Hard to get used to. It looks like a full sized mouse but it feels like a laptop mouse. the lighting may be a big plus for a 10 year old, but I find it obnoxiously bright.

Additional Comments

I bought this on impulse, based on the low price, and it does the things it claims to do. at this price it's hard to complain... but... I would not recommend this mouse because it is so uncomfortable, possibly for a younger gamer with small hands it may feel better. but for my big mitts, it does not make the cut. I'm going shopping again at my favorite toy store (Memory Express) so at least this mouse gave me that opportunity.
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