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  • MX59722 G933 Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset
  • MX59722 G933 Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset
  • MX59722 G933 Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset
  • MX59722 G933 Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

G933 Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

From 8 Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: With 8 Customer Reviews

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Great Headset

1/25/2018 1:12:53 PM
D40 from Edmonton writes:
Excellent sound - tons of options in the software for EQ and Dolby preferences.
Mic is fantastic. Sounds very clear. Use with Discord.
Very comfortable.
Sleep-timer: Many users will mistake the headset for connection issues due to it going into sleep mode. The only way to wake it up is to turn the power button to "off" and then back on. They have now customized it within software to adjust how long before sleep mose starts.
USB cable provides charging power only. Wi-Fi dongle is required ***
Price. Wait for sale prices...
It is a fantastic headset that is very comfortable to wear for long periods. I love the wireless option for when I decide to game without wires.
I would recommend this for purchase and would buy it again.
The battery lasts a good 8hrs+ and more if you disable LED lighting. Lighting only helps in groups - you don't see it when you wear it lol.

Great headset

1/2/2018 1:45:03 PM
Kris from Calgary writes:
Very light and comfortable. I had a wireless corsair set for a couple years which worked good but started having charging issues. Coming to this set, the sound quality is much better. They look sexy! Comes with all the wires needed to mix computer / stereo / phone. The 7.1 works great.
Expensive. I wouldn't pay full price for it but that is cuz I'm cheap. this sale price is worth it for sure tho. Other ppl complain they fall off your head... I don't have this issue. They fit and feel great. Guess that's not a weakness.
This is the summary spot. I am summarizing that these headphones are a 5/5. And that my K/D ratio is up! Cuz I hear everything.

Excellent Headset

11/24/2017 2:24:55 PM
D Fortey from Edmonton writes:
Headset is fantastic. Has great sound. Great comfort. 7.1 positional audio is very accurate (or as accurate as the game presents). Sound is very balanced, not overly bassy or trebly. The headset is very comfortable to wear for many hours and the ear cups are washable.
The headphone will *SLEEP* and need to be turned on/off again to reboot it. It is required to have the USB dongle as it's connection is wireless 100%. USB powered. This is not really a weakness but how it works.
I have not had any of the issues other users have posted. The only glitch is having to reboot it (power on/off via power switch on headset) after leaving the computer for a long time. It's built this way to save battery. If it doesn't detect sound it will power off after X mins. (configurable).

TIme to Return it

6/7/2017 2:21:19 AM
Marko from Edmonton writes:
Surround sound is nice. Very nice.
Mic is too short. I'm a tall dude and i can't position the mic to a proper spot. Mic is staticy at best Frequent loss of device where it cuts out sound and stops working for 3 seconds, then takes 2 seconds to boot up. Not the most comftorable headset I've work.
Overpriced and there seems to be performance issue with this headset.


2/20/2017 9:56:24 AM
Jordan from Calgary writes:
Great for people with small heads
Was hoping to get into the whole wireless headset thing and i did but the problem with these headphones is that they dont work properly with some games like skyrim or rocket league (ive tried alot of fixes) unless i plug them in via 3.5 mm heapphone jack. Also the glue on the top band comes off and i dont streach them that much at all.
They are ok...

Great headphones

1/27/2017 3:23:39 PM
Alan from Calgary writes:
-Long Battery -Fixed standby timer so you can customize how long before the headphones turn off -Looks cool -Decent Mic quality -Stable connection during use
- Sometimes it doesn't reconnect after going into standby mode, I usually have to unplug the USB dongle and plug it back in for it to work - I experienced incorrect battery level a few times, again, a reset would fix this problem - I suspect that the mic boom could snap off if you forget it is there and push down too hard.
Excellent headset if you want wireless functionality.

Would be great, but...

11/25/2016 1:51:45 AM
Andrew from Calgary writes:
Sound quality is awesome. The surround is some of the best i've heard in a headset. Looks pretty slick, does well with long hours of usage, and the battery lasts a good long while
Loses connection frequently. FREQUENTLY. Just clips out for 30 seconds every few minutes. I've tried every solution I could find online, and contacted logitech support, but nothing has improved the situation. If they get a fix, they'll be awesome. Until then, give it a pass.
Would avoid for now till they can fix some of the issues.

Great Product

2/9/2016 9:57:17 PM
Chris from Edmonton writes:
Sound quality is excellent. Decent Mic Extremely comfortable, have no issues wearing for long periods of time. Comes with everything you need Wireless range is excellent, have no issues with reception when going into adjacent rooms
The standby timer for the Logitech G933 turns on when it does not detect an audio signal for more than five minutes which could be annoying for VOIP or other similar services. Although Reps on the logitech forums are indicating a software update could include a feature to disable this. Logitech software could be a bit more refined. Price
Excellent headset, would purchase again. 4/5 only because of the auto standby feature, once fix easily 5/5.
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